Blowing Paint with Canned Air – Messy!

I had done a number of paintings in the past where I blew the paint with a straw and several people had suggested that it would be much easier with canned air. I was skeptical – I am of most things until I try them – but I still had to give it a go! So here I’ll be blowing paint with canned air on an old Barbara Streisand LP record.

Using canned air to blow the paint for an acrylic pour painting on an old LP vinyl record - video demonstration.

Here are some of the previous projects where the paint was blown with a straw.

I got myself a can of that air used for cleaning out electronics, computer keyboards and the like. It has a little trigger and a straw to direct the air. Even being careful and trying to blow the smallest amount of air, it was pretty powerful! I was half expecting this project to be messy so I did put out some extra plastic on the floor. I totally underestimated quite HOW messy this was going to be! The plastic was nowhere near large enough, paint went everywhere! I had to spend a long time scrubbing both the floor and the furniture when this one was over!

Materials used in this project:
LP vinyl record
Paints left over from previous projects
Treadmill belt lubricant
Canned air
Avery glossy round labels to cover the hole in the record

Recipe for this project:
These paints were all left overs or premixed. The recipe would be approx 1 part Floetrol to 2 parts paint, water as necessary for getting the right paint consistency. Minimal silicone.

Well that was fun, interesting and messy! My end result wasn’t too great but in truth, I hadn’t been expecting it to be so I had only used up some leftover paints and the colors weren’t great. But looking on the bright side, this could work if you had a much larger project to do, in a well-protected room and with better colors. Blowing the paints over each other like this really does make some cool patterns and cells.

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