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Dot painted mandala

My art

Ok, I admit it. I’m hooked. After a break from anything creative for 32 years since I left school, I came across some art and painting videos on YouTube and suddenly all I wanted to do was paint and draw. Right now!

But I recall being terrible at school. I was advised to take pottery for my exams because my art was so bad, and I only got a C in pottery. So I could never be described as ‘talented’.

Nonetheless, art for me is about the creativity, the color, the release of tension. It’s the taking part, not the winning.  And it feels great!

About the site

I’d love for this site to be an art inspiration where I can share the best videos and tutorials, my own art and inspiring works from other artists.

Join me on my journey from complete beginner, share in my laughs, triumphs and failures and feel encouraged to share yours too.

I’m also curating the best supplies as recommended by experienced acrylic painters so you can be sure to get exactly what you need, all in one easy to shop venue.

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Next Steps…

Give art a try! I promise you’ll have fun. You can start small, buy a few paints and materials, experiment and see what appeals to you, what inspires you, and what you want to do more of.

Check out all of the recommended supplies to get started in the store here.

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