Black, White and Metallic Youtube Challenge

We’re at it again. A bunch of YouTubers has got together to create paintings all based around a theme, color scheme or technique. This time I challenged the group to create an acrylic poured painting using only black, white and one metallic – and the paint had to be blown in some way.

Acrylic pouring and blowing the paint video. Six channel YouTube acrylic painting challenge videos using only black, white and one metallic.

Yikes, what was I thinking? Black and white together? I can see a lot of grey in my future. It’s going to take some careful thought to keep those two colors from creating a whole mess of grey and more grey, combined with some extra grey. But I have a plan – or rather I have a dream. Do you ever dream about your paintings? I often do, but then I wake up and try and the dream often becomes more of a nightmare. In my dreams I pour like a pro – in daylight, I pour like a cat with one paw tied behind his back. Yup, that’s pretty bad sometimes.

This painting had a dream behind it and in the dream, it looked awesome. Now just to try to get that down on canvas…

In this painting I am using:

Phew, that turned out OK in the end. It’s not exactly like I had imagined, but it’s really not that far away too. I did make a lot of grey but hopefully by balancing out the background with some gold for a marbled effect, and not just making it black/grey/plain white – I got away with it! What do you think?

Don’t forget to check out in the description area under the video on YouTube for the links to the other painters taking part in this crazy difficult challenge. Go give them some love and comments, and thumbs up for their videos too.

As usual, check out the slideshow below of the pictures of this pour, both wet and dry, and closeups of the details. Enjoy! And don’t forget to add this challenge to your Pinterest boards in case you ever fancy challenging yourself to a similar set of colors.

2 thoughts on “Black, White and Metallic Youtube Challenge”

  1. Rebecca Mcpherson

    Love watching the videos i don’t have a way of doing videos but you have inspired me and i did the challenge of the black white and metallic pour just wish i knew how to send you a photo of my work.

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