Peacock Flip Cup with Negative Space Acrylic Pour Painting

It’s been a while since I did a pour with peacock colors. That color palette really appeals because of the shimmering iridescence of the peacock feathers so today I will be attempting to create an acrylic pouring flip cup with negative space to resemble (loosely) a peacock’s tail!

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Video tutorial. Acrylic pouring flip cup painting using peacock feather color scheme. How to turn a color scheme into a painting - demonstration

I like to collect my favorite color palettes on Pinterest for inspiration because I’m usually not very good with color schemes. I’ve saved several peacock ones and it’s very interesting when you see them side by side to see how much the color of their feathers can vary. Check out my acrylic pouring Pinterest boards here – I’d love for you to follow me. THIS is the pin I am using for the color palette in this painting – or at least it was supposed to be. Somewhere along the lines things went a bit wrong!

See that there are five colors on that palette? I certainly put selected and put out five colors and then for reasons I simply cannot explain, I left that lovely cobalt blue just sat there and completely ignored it when I put all the colors in the flip cup. Instead, I put white in there. What was I thinking? So no wonder it came out very light and white and not as rich and colorful as I was expecting – what a silly mistake to make.

Materials used in this project:
Cobalt blue – totally left it out!
Peacock Pearl metallic
Art alternatives titanium white
Purple Flash Color Shift paint
Crystal Green metallic
Treadmill belt lubricant
10-inch canvas from multipack

Recipe for this project:
1 part Floetrol to 2 parts paint
Colors contain 1 drop of treadmill belt silicone oil
The white for the negative space has no silicone
Water is added to the paints as necessary to get the right consistency for pouring – varies

So it was still very pretty. The metallics and the color shift paints look good but I can’t help but wonder what it would have looked like if I had used the right colors! All that trouble to pick them and then I missed one out. What a dunce.

As usual, you can check out the slideshow below for more photos of this painting, both wet and dry and close ups of the details. The painting is available for sale in my Etsy store here.

5 thoughts on “Peacock Flip Cup with Negative Space Acrylic Pour Painting”

  1. Deby,

    I love these colors just as they are. If one added the cobalt color, one would not need much.

    I intend to try these colors( not metallic) tomorrow. After seeing this video, I know the color set will look lovely!

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Jennifer Whitt

      Agreed. But knowing me, I’d go ahead and put drops of prepared blue throughout the pour before continuing. Then when I start tilt, it will look natural.

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