Fire! Pouring and Blowing on a Vinyl Record

I had an idea in my head but would it work out? I wanted to create something that looked like flames against a black background. Out came another old record and I covered it in a generous layer of lamp black.

Adding one color at a time, I layered red, orange and yellow across the center of the record and blew the paint with a narrow straw. I was pretty nervous! Silly really but when I had a preconceived notion of what I wanted it to look it, I would have been disappointed if it hadn’t come out as I wanted.

But I didn’t have to worry – it was awesome! Better even than I probably imagined. Check out the video below for all the details and then scroll down below the video for a slideshow of the finished record and some of the details.

Check out the slideshow below with lots of pictures, both wet and dry, and closeups of all those gorgeous details.

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Blowing flames with acrylic pouring techniques - video tutorial on an old LP vinyl record

After being told in high school that she was so bad at art that she should switch to another subject, Deby didn’t paint again for 35 years. Then a stroke released a new wave of creativity and she began exploring with dot painting, abstract and eventually acrylic pouring, and at last the joy of working with color returned.

You don’t need ‘talent’ to be an acrylic pouring artist – just enthusiasm, some basic instruction, and a willingness to try, fail and try again. Paint along with her and learn from her many mistakes, and you’ll soon make great art together.


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