PS Koz

PS Koz is new to the acrylic pouring game but she’s diving right in and has no intentions of looking back! A student of the universe, there is nothing this artist loves more than learning and trying new things. Her other hobbies include reading, foreign language, and salsa dancing.

hurricane acrylic pour

A Hurricane Flip Cup

I’m sure this is true for many of you out there as well, but sometimes I just like to pour without any specific image in mind. No expectations, no vision of the future, just a cup full of colors I like and a blank canvas on a free afternoon. This little flip cup was a …

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You Are an Artist

Lately, I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of negative talk when it comes to acrylic pouring. It was even part of a FAQ post on the blog. Maybe it’s always been there and my bubble was just too thick to be burst by some less than thoughtful words, but now I know that there …

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