An Experimental Leftover Double Rainbow Swipe

After my tie-dye pouring experiment I realized I had just enough paint left for another small pour. As much as I loved my primary pour I couldn’t help but notice that I was just two colors shy of having the entire rainbow, and who doesn’t love rainbows? 


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I’d seen rainbows pours before, of course, but I thought I’d try my hand at one nonetheless to see how mine measured up. Because white was the color I had the most of in my left over cup, I decided to go for a swipe. I wanted to see if I could think outside of the box with this swipe. I mixed up some orange and purple to complete my color spectrum and was ready to get to work. 


In the interest of not wanting to follow too much of the same I decided to alternate my colors, not going with the typical ROY G BIV order of the rainbow. While still being conscious of how some colors will and won’t work together I paired my colors, mixing and matching cools and warms as I saw fit. 

To continue my streak of experimentation for the day I decided to try something of a layered swipe. So what I did was pour my white swipe stripe at the top, as usual, and then follow it with my colors and then… Another white stripe! I wasn’t altogether sure what the final result would look like but I was interested in seeing. Maybe the color would carry more, maybe there would be more layers, only a swipe would tell! 


So, I dampened my paper towel and was ready to go! And here’s where things got weird. 


After studying the painting carefully I am still not sure how this happened. Maybe it’s because I let the paint sit too long and the edges started to dry or it’s some hidden law of paint density but my red, green, and yellow didn’t swipe all the way. The edges ran away with the white but then after tilting and settling the color rose back to the top as solitary blobs. So weird! 

Once I was done gawking at it I realized I didn’t have enough paint on my canvas for the swipe to reach all the way to the bottom. Which I was kind of in to, it gave it a rough, unfinished feel and reminded me of that crayon and blow dryer art from the last decade. 

With a new clean paper towel I took another swipe at the paint, eager to disburse those big blobs! This time they were thwarted and everything was looking a bit more uniform. But then I started to tilt and was faced with another science mystery. 


The colored paints were put on the canvas as equally as can be, and yet some of them ran more with the swipe stripe during the tilt than others. And since my near black violet and bright, sunny yellow could not be more opposite ends of the spectrum I, again, have no idea why these two colors seemed to drag more than the others. 

Another interesting thing I noticed in this pour, despite adding zero silicone I still got some cells where some of the colors began to meet. I’d had this happen a few times before but this could not have been a more mysterious pour than if I’d done it all blindfolded. 

Science was never my best subject but I loved having my mind blown by this swipe pour while I was doing it! And the finished product is very Skittles, I was tasting the rainbow!

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  1. Carol McCollum

    I really liked it before the 2nd swipe!! I looked like 3 different colored setting suns in a row!!

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