A Metallic Color Scheme For a Desert Copper Pour

Sometimes inspiration strikes at very strange times and carries you and your art to places you wouldn’t expect. I had one of those experiences with this pour.

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I recently noticed all of the gold and black and opulence in the Versace line and lifestyle. These have always been classic colors, but something about them on this show made my pouring sense start to tingle. I looked through my paint bin and found my black and gold but then I also reached for the rest of my metallics, my rose gold and silver. I wanted to combine all of these to capture that classic feel and to hopefully keep my metallic lines distinct in my second ever tree ring pour.

For some reason my Mars black was giving me a lot of trouble this time around, I couldn’t get it to smooth out no matter how much I stirred or how much of whatever was added to it. After a good deal of troubleshooting I thought I had it, it was smooth on my stirring stick and swirling nicely in the cup. Meanwhile my metallics had a history of being pretty watery and I used some extra glue and no water in there. I was dealing with two extremes on this pour, but I did love the way they all looked together.

My poured my metallics into my black paint to make it my mix cup with the following pattern: silver, rose gold, antique gold, silver, antique gold, rose gold. I gave it a little swirl (a la Deby Coles) and was ready to get some tree rings on that canvas.

0311Copper image3

It was far from a perfect pour, my black went lumpy again (!!!) and I was getting a bunch of little bubbles. It was not very Versace at all. But what I did see in it was a geological effect, it reminded me a lot of raw copper still in the rock. It had a very mineral, raw material look to it that I was drawn to. I’ve lived in the desert for a long time, and one thing you really start to notice and admire about a place that can seem so barren is the little details in everything. The flecks of color in the rocks of your neighbors front yard, the complex colors of a cactus, the speckles of the lizard climbing the wall of your backyard. As I tilted to drag my puddle around the canvas I was able to maintain those little lines, which I was too excited about.

0311Copper image7

It might not have been as fab as a designer label but I wound up with some distinct sparkly lines and a piece that I could really stare at and keep discovering. My own little copper mine! Because I didn’t want to sacrifice those sweet little metallic lines I wasn’t able to cover the entire canvas with the contents of my cup, but that did give me an idea for a future pour. Hope you’ll stay tuned to see if this next mad experiment pans out!

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