Youtube Challenge – Puddle Pour Painting Disaster!

Oh, Sarah, why do you torture us this way? It was Sarah’s turn to pick our challenge this month and if we thought Sherry’s 3d pour challenge was bad, we had no idea how bad it was going to get. I’ll tell you a secret – halfway through the month Sarah even tried to vary the terms of the challenge after some of us had already done it so that we didn’t have to pour round puddles. She even found her own challenge too challenging – hahaha.

So I don’t feel quite so bad that my painting turned out to be such an epic disaster. With the work I’d been doing to get my new video class ready, I did the painting and then when it didn’t turn out to be stellar, I simply didn’t have the time to make another recording in time for the challenge – so this is my painting, warts and all. A good example that sometimes you can have a dream, but reality can be a bit of a kick in the pants!

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To make it even worse, the video I took corrupted. I managed to get back the picture but not the sound, so the sound is taken from the far away camera and doesn’t come out as well. An all-round epic painting disaster movie in the making. Let’s watch it anyway. I always promised to show my failures as well as my successes so I might as well complete my total embarrassment by showing it to you as well.

See, that is not what I had planned for this challenge! I let the side down this time. I will try this again because I think it has some potential, but maybe with different colors and more space between the ‘feathers’? What do you think?  Do pop on over to YouTube and see all the other videos in this challenge series – they are all SO much better than mine, and we have a guest painter with us this month too.

Then get out your forks and join us in the challenge for October. I want to see your forked designs. Come share them in the Facebook group, use the hashtag #OctoberPouringChallenge and TAG me in the comments. I’d love to see how you do so much better than I do!


3 thoughts on “Youtube Challenge – Puddle Pour Painting Disaster!”

  1. Actually, Deby, IMO, yours is one of the better pics. I wish I had a camera. The best I can do is post a finished picture done for October. Would that be alright?

    1. We would love to see. Please use the hashtag #OctoberPouringChallenge and TAG one or more of us in the Facebook groups so we can find it. Thanks for taking us up on the challenge.

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