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How to Safely Mail a Painting (Packaging Guide)

Did you take part in our painting swap this month? Or maybe you have an Etsy store or sell your paintings online. In this tutorial and video, I will show you how to package your paintings to send in the mail, using DIY custom packaging that works for any size.

Pin MeNeed to mail a painting This video shows you how to safely package and protect your painting or canvas to send it through the mail.

Materials used:
Foam core board sheets
Brown paper on a roll
Craft Knife
Tissue paper
Clear packing tape
Sharpie marker for writing the address

Need to mail a painting This video shows you how to safely package and protect your painting or canvas to send it through the mail.

I’ll be making a custom sized box from the foam board which exactly matches the painting. It’s quick and easy, although I suggest taking a bit more time than I am doing here in the video to make a really nice finish.  Presentation is an important part of your art sale as well of course, as the safety of the painting while it is in the mail system.

If you want to forego the custom packaging, you can also buy these ‘book mailers’ which are just like the packaging your book comes in when you buy from Amazon. Its heavy duty, has extra built in corner protection, comes in lots of sizes. Simply fold it, peel back the tape and stick. Really quick and simple and depending on the size and how many you buy in a pack will most likely be even cheaper than making your own.

As you gain experience shipping your paintings, every once in a while you may receive a request for a refund (even if it is no fault of your own). Take a look at The Ins and Outs of Returns and Refunds to learn how to best handle these situations.


Book mailers (book wraps if you are in the UK) on:

Amazon USA

Amazon Ca

Amazon UK

If this was pretty fun and you want to safely mail more of your paintings then try selling on Letgo. Inside this article we clearly define what letgo is and how you can use it to sell more of your paintings.

6 thoughts on “How to Safely Mail a Painting (Packaging Guide)”

    1. I’ve never tried it but I hear glassine paper or butchers paper also works well. I suggest packing up a test painting, leave it a few weeks and then see what happens when you unwrap it. You don’t want to risk the packaging creating a mark on the varnish.

    2. As always Deby a very worthwhile video. Your knowledge is priceless. Thanks for sharing. ~ Kathy

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