Yt Challenge – Acrylic Pour on a 3d Object

Oh Sherry, what have you done to us! We all do enjoy a challenge and you may have seen our YouTube monthly challenge videos in the past. This month Sherry chose and she made it super-tricky!

Acrylic pouring paint on 3d objects. 8 fun and different video projects. Fluid acrylic poured paintings.

The challenge = acrylic pouring on a 3D object of our choice, using our most favorite color, our least favorite color, and up to three others. It was the first time pouring 3D for most of us so there was a lot of scratching of heads as we decided on our object. Not only did we have to consider the shape, but also the surface texture and the material it was made of. You will enjoy seeing all the videos in this one!

Being in the Caribbean it made sense to pour on a large shell. I have a bunch of these conch shells on the beach, they are everywhere, so I picked a well weathered one, gave it a quick wash and gave it a bash.

Materials used in this challenge:
Economy acrylic paints (pthalo green, chrome yellow, magenta, turquoise and white)
Treadmill belt silicone
Conch shell
8oz squeeze bottles
A LOT of patience!

All paints were premixed to my usual formula in 8oz squeeze bottles. 1 part Floetrol to 2 parts paint plus water as needed. Minimal treadmill silicone in each color.

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I chose a deep green for my least favorite, chrome yellow for my most favorite and then a black to make the green, gold and black for the Jamaican flag. It started really well and looked very cool – and then went sharply downhill from there on. I swear that shell was still alive because it would not hold still. I poured three times – yes three until I got it to work.

So there you have it, pretty difficult. If you are going to try something in 3d, do make sure you think it through about how the object is going to stay still while it dries!

I’ve got pictures of each stage, so enjoy them in the slideshow below. And don’t forget to visit the video on YouTube and use the drop-down arrow under the video to open up all the links to all the other videos in this challenge. We will also have a playlist. If you want to take up the challenge, use the hashtag in your video, let us know, and we will add your video to our playlists. Happy painting.

3 thoughts on “Yt Challenge – Acrylic Pour on a 3d Object”

  1. Yours is pretty good compared to some of the others. I have poured onto little tin boxes with leftover paint and I have to do touch up work before I consider them done. That includes scrapping paint from the inside where it was on my fingers and I picked up the object to move the paint around. It is a nice break from flat pouring. I have thought of using rocks to pour on since I am landlocked and no shells come my way.

    1. Thanks Donna. I’ve seen some really pretty pours on rocks, and I think that was what gave Sherry the idea for this challenge. I hope you’ll share your results in our chat group.

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