Turquoise and Copper Negative Space Dirty Pour

This idea has been on my wishlist for such a long time. I want to create a dirty pour using shades of turquoise and copper, and add some gold highlights.

Negative space acrylic pour painting with metallic and glitter accents. Video tutorial, fluid acrylics, flow art painting with acrylics

I’ve seen some lovely examples in this color scheme of turquoise and copper and I’ve had it written down in my note book to try out for such a long time. Today is the day! As usual, I can’t leave it there so I will be adding in lots of extra sparkles by way of mica powder as well as two acrylic glitter paints.

Materials used:
Sargent Art Turquoise
Artists Loft Light Blue
Liquitex Basics Copper
Art Alternatives white
Copper sparkles mica powder
Martha Stewart glitter paints in Fire Opal and Gold
Treadmill belt silicone
KY True Feel Dimethicone
8 x 10-inch canvas from economy pack


Paints are mixed 2 parts paint to 1 part Floetrol plus water added as necessary to reach the right consistency. Treadmill silicone in the turquoise, KY dimethicone in the light blue and copper. The gold paint is used straight from the bottle.

Hmm, so that one didn’t live up to my high expectations today. I wasn’t able to recreate the lovely colors I had seen in other pours and overall it seemed a bit disappointing. So this canvas will be a repour. But the gold sparkles turned out nicely. These glitter paints really are excellent, and I’ll try this technique of adding them as accents to the pour again in future.



5 thoughts on “Turquoise and Copper Negative Space Dirty Pour”

  1. I’m just starting on this type of painting and your site is very very helpful- thanks. In this video you added silicone to some paints and dimethicone to others. Do these provide a different effect on the paint? What led you to use one over the other for these paints! Thanks.

    1. Yes I find I get different results with each. The silicone tends to give me smaller more defined cells and the dimethicone gives me larger, softer cells. I sometimes mix and match depending on my mood. Or I will use one or the other.

    1. Absolutely you can. I paint on tiles all the time. But you do need to seal them well and use a heat proof sealer if you want to use them as coasters.

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