Starting the Summer With Acrylic Waves

If you are trying something new, be patient. Things rarely turn out great the first time you do them. I tell my students, “If you want to be a great soccer player what do you do?” The answer… Practice! If you want to be a great musician what do you do? Practice! If you want to be a great artist what do you do? Now it’s your turn to say… Practice!

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When you try something new—like making your first wave—don’t be too hard on yourself. It may take two, three, four tries until you end up with something you like. When you finish a painting (especially if its a painting you’re not crazy about) ask yourself what you like about the painting. Take a moment and really think about it. Do you like the colors, the cells? Perhaps it’s only the background you like. But find something that you like and be sure to use that again in your next painting. 

Next ask yourself another question. I think it’s important to keep a positive mindset so don’t ask yourself what you hate about the painting. Instead, ask yourself what you would change about the painting. Then keep those things—the things you like and the things you’d change—in your mind when you make the next painting. I’m firmly convinced that this attitude combined with a willingness to practice will definitely make you a better artist.

One more suggestion: Don’t be too hard on yourself. As artists (perhaps as humans) we can be our own worst critics. We can be way too hard on ourselves. If you look in the background of this video, in the bottom right hand corner hanging on the wall is a 16×20 inch wave. When I made that wave I was convinced it was overworked and that I had ruined it. Fortunately, I stopped myself from scraping the paint off the canvas because the next day I took a second look. It turned out to be a perfectly wonderful wave! Perhaps the painting didn’t meet my expectations at the time, but in reality it was a perfectly wonderful wave.

Acrylic Pouring Wave

Acrylic pouring wave

Alright, that is all my sagely advice for this blog. Keep pouring, keep having fun and don’t be too harsh on yourself.

11 thoughts on “Starting the Summer With Acrylic Waves”

    1. Best wave I have seen!! . I have not tried one yet but I am going to now!; Thank you!+

    2. Phyllis – I love that ‘Get it Done’ attitude! I hope your wave(s) turn out great!
      Yours, Steve

    1. Hey Glenn,

      Sorry for the slow response – but I hope went well with your waves. If not, remember you may need to try it 2-3 -4 times before it starts turning out the way you like.

  1. Thanks for the inspiration, detailed descriptions and encouragement????. Another new adventure for me at 80.

    1. Hi Dianne,
      Please give it a try. Swiping that wave is certainly different than a flip cup and might take a little longer to get the hang of – but there is something fun about manipulating the paint a little more than normal. And remember – don’t be too hard on yourself. New things take time. 🙂


  2. I laughed and laughed. “A lot of people think all they have to do is watch 3 or 4 videos and then their pour is going to be perfect. That’s just not reality.” (I know that’s not exact, but you know what you said.)

    That is so, so true. I have tried several pours and never have gotten it to do what I want. They are pretty, but not what I intended.

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