Words of Wisdom From the Acrylic Pouring Community

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One of the greatest resources this community has to offer is the experiences our contributors share. The phrase “you are your own worst critic” is no joke and is so often the most true when it comes to creative outlets. Here are some of our favorite pieces of wisdom we’ve seen on the blog so far.

You Are an Artist

Being an artist isn’t always easy, especially when you feel the need to prove yourself and your art as more than just a hobby. Sometimes you just need to hear positive words of encouragement from someone who has been right where you are.

The Beauty In A Flip Cup Fail

Sometimes, even when everything is lining up just right, a pour can go wrong. When this happens you have a choice, you can throw it in the discard pile, or you can try to find the beauty in these missteps. There is always a lesson to learn from a pour, whether it went according to plan or not, but you should never miss out on the chance to learn from your mistakes.

Confessions of a Pouraholic

This is an addictive art form, it just is! If you’ve ever found yourself planning your next pour in the middle of the work day, or catch yourself staring at the paint aisle of your local craft store for a little too long, just know that you are not alone, but you just might be a pouraholic.

Gaining Wisdom and Inspiration From the Acrylic Pouring Community

Art feeds art, that’s the goal of this community. One of the beauties of this community is that we have artists of all different skill levels, artists who are just starting out and professionals who have sold their work around the world. Tuning in to the conversations that happen in this community could be just what you need to perfect that next piece.

The Importance of Reaching Out To Your Local Art Community

This online community is fabulous, and we hope it inspires you to reach out to your local art community to build a physical network of people with your same interests. There are so many great artists with valuable experience and stories to take in, don’t forget to take a look around your surroundings to find them.



  1. Great article! Yes. Having a community of like minds is priceless. Im already sitting alone in my garage at wierd hours of the am/pm .its nice to connect with others online and know that its not just me. Lol

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