Tips and Set-Ups for Acrylic Pouring Collaborations

Acrylic pouring is so often a solitary art form, just an artist and their paint collection. But there are those projects that require an extra set of hands. Whether it’s just a fun family project or a creative adventure, there’s always something you can take from the experience. Here are a few of our favorite bits of collaboration. 

Collaborating: The Do’s & Don’t’s of Partnering Up


Remember in elementary school when they were constantly telling us how important group projects were for the real world? Well, they might have been on to something. Collaborations, especially artistic ones, require good communication skills, patience, and flexibility. This list of do’s and don’t’s is a collaborators recipe for success. 

Using Your Pouring Powers to Help Out a Friend


Acrylic pouring is an art form that can lend itself to all kinds of things, especially when it comes to helping out friends. See how this art form can be used to create a functional piece for a friend. 

The Perfect Pouring Group Set Up


Anyone who had tried acrylic pouring knows what fun it can be, so why not share it with a big group of people? Think of the great, big project that could come from a collaboration between five or more people. Here’s how to make that happen! 

The Recipe for a Successful Acrylic Pouring Party


Are you ever at a loss for what to do at your next party? Consider setting up a pouring party! You’ll get to show those in attendance the ropes, help them create some stunning fluid art of their own, and maybe give someone an all new obsession. 

A Partner Swipe to Celebrate Thanksgiving


Family and acrylic pouring have quite a bit in common: they can both be messy, beautiful, and a ton of fun—so why not combine the two? Nothing promotes bonding like creating something together. Check out the benefits of keeping acrylic pouring all in the family.

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    Ik zou graag iets bestellen uit de winkel, doe deze techniek al jaren , het geeft mij veel ontspanning en plezier, maar ben 81 jaar en ga niet meer met internet bankieren beginnen, zou ik het geld ook kunnen storten met een overschrijving?? Bij voorbaat dank voor Uw antwoord, J.M.Bouman van Jeveren Blaxer 53 Lemme

  2. Acrylic pouring is fascinating! The canvas paints itself with a little help from the person pouring the paint. I am eager to try this and have already ordered my supplies!

  3. I just paid for the course and it did not download. Can you help me out?

    I have cancer and do not have a lot of energy to mess with this process, so would appreciate your assistance ASAP. Thank you in advance.

    Pita ????

  4. I am in the same boat as Pita and have emailed you many times with no response. I also have cancer and paid for the course and never received it. I was so looking forward to doing this art to take my mind off my illness that is not cureable. Elise.

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