Rainbow Acrylic Swipe Painting with a Double Swipe

Bring on the bright colors! It’s been a while since I did a rainbow swipe on a tile so I thought it was about time I did another one, this time on a canvas. I’ll be doing a slightly different layout of the paints and a slightly different swipe technique, in this rainbow colored acrylic pour and swipe painting video.

Pin MeVideo tutorial. How to make a rainbow swipe painting with acrylic paints and create cells in your painting. Video tutorial and demonstration. Acrylic pouring or fluid acrylics

I fancied doing something just a little different with the swipe today. I’ve done swipes in two directions before, both down and then back again, usually with different swipe colors. Today I’m leaving a much broader area of white paint than I usually work with because I want to selectively swipe just narrow bands of color back up into the white. Not sure until I try if the paint will bleed and feather or not. Let’s try it and see!

Materials used in this project:
Acrylic paints in rainbow colors
11 by 14-inch gallery wrapped canvas
Treadmill belt lubricant


Recipe for this project:
All paints were premixed at a ratio of 1:2 Floetrol to paint
Water was added as necessary to get the right pouring consistency
All colors contained silicone oil including the white

Now that is yummy – just my style with the very bright colors and the high contrast. The turquoise was a surprise in this one. I’ve used a cobalt blue in the past, and I wasn’t expecting the turquoise paint to be quite so dominant, but it still worked. This one will go for sale in the Etsy shop soon.

As usual, take a look below at the photos of this painting, both wet and dry, and close ups of the details. Thanks for watching  🙂

4 thoughts on “Rainbow Acrylic Swipe Painting with a Double Swipe”

  1. Deby,
    Always love your work and your willingness to share, teach and encourage the rest of us.
    The wonders of nature/creation …. rainbows, the ocean, flowers, animals, the universe etc., we try to capture with art mediums and it gives us so much joy.

  2. Thank you Deby .Love this rainbow swipe .Have bought some paints etc. but haven’t tried this kind of painting yet. I do Encaustic painting and watercolour painting ,but this is a certainly
    “MUST” to try.

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