How to Create Poured Tile Coasters With Gloss Enamels

I’ve done numerous experiments with various different sorts of sealers and finishes for use with your painted coasters. (Here is the latest one and my conclusions so far.) Many have not been successful and do not pass the hot coffee test. So in this experiment, I will be trying paints that don’t need any sealer and claim to be permanent, and dishwasher safe. Let’s see!

Testing DecoArt Gloss Enamels for acrylic pouring on ceramic tiles. Will they cells Will they stick to a hot coffee mug

The DecoArt Gloss Enamels are regular acrylic paints that come in a mouthwatering array of colors and you can use them as usual in any of your acrylic pour paintings.  They even come in glitter colors and frosted colors too, so these are absolutely perfect for getting an awesome glossy finish on your ceramic tiles. However, once they are baked in the over the colors become super-glossy, permanent and dishwasher proof etc, but does that mean they will pass that hot coffee mug test without some kind of a sealer on top? I thought I would try them out and see.  To start, what would they be like to pour with? Would they make cells?

Americana Gloss Enamels

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Because these tiles have to be baked in the oven, I decided not to add any kind of pouring medium. I just used the paint and thinned it a little with water. I did add silicone, knowing that this would float to the top of the paint and could be cleaned off when they were dry. These paints have been tested and approved as safe for home and baking use, but please use your own common sense if you add anything else to them.  You may want to use a separate toaster oven and use it outside, although I didn’t notice any fumes or smells when I baked mine.

Materials used in this project:
Glossy ceramic tiles
DecoArt Americana Gloss Enamels in red, white and blue
Treadmill silicone
Toaster oven – recommended

The paints were just mixed with a little water to get them to pouring consistency. No other mediums were added. 2 drops of silicone oil per color.  The silicone was carefully cleaned off before putting the tiles in the oven to bake.

DecoArt DASK269

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OK, so I learned a few things. Yes, these paints work great for pouring and do make cells, even if just mixed with water, without pouring medium. Yes, the paints are very colorful and glossy and they stick firm to those ceramic tiles. Yes, they appear to be perfectly safe to bake in the oven without any smells. And yes, the finished result looks great on tiles. However, they didn’t pass my 30 seconds test with the hot coffee mug and the mug did stick to the paint. I’m going to put these off to one side for now and see if time makes any difference. If I leave them longer then perhaps they’ll pass at a later date.  Or you could try them with one of the other sealers on top, or resin for a stick-free finish.

If you want to learn more about the perfect finish and sealers for ceramic tiles, check out these previous experiments:

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Krylon Conservation varnish and Krylon UV-Resistant clear gloss
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Frequently Asked Questions About Poured Tile Coasters With Gloss Enamels

1. Can I use any type of tiles for pouring?

 Yes, but ceramic tiles are commonly used as they have a smooth surface.

 2.Do I need to seal the tiles after pouring?

 Yes, sealing with a suitable sealant is recommended to protect the artwork.

3. Can I use gloss enamels with other types of paint?

 Yes, they can be mixed with other acrylic paints to achieve different effects.

4. How do I clean the tiles before pouring?

Wiping the tiles with isopropyl alcohol can remove any grease or dirt.

5. Can I use tiles as functional coasters after pouring?

 Yes, once sealed properly, they can be used as functional coasters.

6. How long should I wait before sealing the tiles?

 It’s best to wait until the paint is completely dry, typically 24 to 72 hours.

7. Can I use a brush to apply the sealant?

 Yes, a brush or a sponge can be used to apply the sealant evenly.

4 thoughts on “How to Create Poured Tile Coasters With Gloss Enamels”

  1. Trying o make coasters out of ceramic tiles. My question is do the tiles have to be in a bisque state without glaze on them or will the glaze ones work? I did a few on the glazed one but even after a long period of time some of them peeled off. Help please. Thank you!

  2. Susan jrinberg

    I made them for Christmas gifts.. I used hug engine enamel for the finish coat, but I did not bake them… what is the purpose to bake them?? My tiles were not greenware… so please tell me why you baked them.. thanks
    Susan Krinberg.

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