Best Cheap Glitter Paints for Acrylic Pouring (Test & Review)

Since the Martha Stewart glitter acrylic paints were discontinued (a tragedy for pouring artists) I’ve been trying to find glitter paints to replace them, that will work well in poured paintings. So far none have really been any good. You know when you buy glitter nail varnish? It looks amazing in the bottle but very disappointing when you brush it on. Let’s see if these are any better.

cheap acrylic glitter paints

The glitter paints I bought at my local cheapie shop are clear with glitter in them. I assumed that wouldn’t work well in a pour so I matched them with a matching pearlescent paint color. But would the paint coat the glitter particles and hide them, or would the glitter sit on top and still sparkle? Could I ‘buff’ the painting to remove the paint and show the glitter beneath? Let’s give it a try.

Materials used in this painting:
Studio Acrylics 250-Milliliter Acrylic Paint, Iridescent Violet Blue
Cheapie glitter paints and matching pearlescent paints from the dollar store
Craft Smart metallic paint in Aquamarine
Pebeo Dyna colors in Iridescent Violet Blue
Titanium White
Small paint mixing pots with lids
Treadmill silicone
Economy canvas

studio acrylics - acrylic paint

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The paints were mixed with Floetrol and water, at about 2 parts paint to 1 part Floetrol, water as needed for consistency. No silicone was added.

Well that was a bust. The glitter paints AND the paints I mixed them with were almost entirely invisible in the finished and dried painting. Utterly useless. I had even sprinkled a little extra glitter on top of the wet paint after the cameras went off, and that was all but invisible too. But I had to try. Experiments are always worth carrying out because sometimes magic will happen. Not this time though.  So I will continue my search for glitter paints that work well in poured paintings and continue to lament the demise of the Martha Stewart paints that I loved so much.

Well, here are a few photos, but they aren’t much to look at! A couple of the wet macro photos came out quite nice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cheap Glitter Paints for Acrylic Pouring

1. Can I use cheap glitter paints in acrylic pouring?

Yes, they can be used, but the quality and effect may vary compared to premium brands.

2. Will the glitter in the paint mix with other colors?

Glitter may mix with other colors, creating unique effects in your pour.

3. Can I add extra glitter to the paint?

 Yes, extra glitter can be added for a more sparkly effect.

4. How long do glitter paints take to dry?

Generally, they may take 24 to 72 hours to dry completely, depending on paint thickness.

5. Do I need a pouring medium for glitter paints?

 A pouring medium can help in achieving the right consistency and flow.

6.  Can I seal my glitter paint artwork?

 Yes, sealing your artwork with a clear sealant can help preserve the glitter effect.

7. Will the glitter settle at the bottom of the container?

A7: Some settling may occur; stirring before use can help redistribute the glitter.

12 thoughts on “Best Cheap Glitter Paints for Acrylic Pouring (Test & Review)”

    1. Je suis désolé de ne pas parler français, donc je ne peux pas faire de vidéos dans cette langue.

  1. Deby, I’m wondering what Martha Stewart’s GLITTER PAINT has been discontinued. Michaels has them listed on their web site. If these are the right ones, I’ll send you some if you like. Please take a look and let me know, they are on sale right now. I love me some glitter also. Love your show. W

    1. I just checked and wow, yes, they are back in stock. I had been told they were discontinued, but maybe someone heard us and is bringing them back! That would be such good news. I am alright for stocks right now because I bought a bunch when I heard they were no longer making them, but thank you for the offer.

  2. Have you ever heard of taking Sharpie colored permanent markers and using the inside pad soaked in color to make colored resin? I have not tried it yet. Anyone else try it?

  3. Carol McCollum

    Well, I hope it is true that Martha Stewart glitter paints are still being manufactured!! I’d love to try them!! Thank you for sharing your experiments with us, Deby!

    Please take care of yourself & get the rest you need!!

  4. Thank you Debbie for teaching me a new way to enjoy colour, although I’m partially blind.
    i can produce unique and bright artworks. Rest well, and God bless you. Rose (New Zealand)

  5. Deby, I am sad, you are retiring. I know your health comes first & you have to take care of that. I do hope you come on Josh & Mikel’s show once in a while. Love the glitter in the paintings. I am plugging along, learning from my mistakes. I took your advice on the varnishing & bought an expensive brush to to the painting I did yesterday. By the way, I strained my paints & had no lumps.
    Take care of yourself & hope you will appear in the videos once in a while when you feel up to it.

  6. Christina Marie

    A few months ago, I was at my local walmart and got some glitter paints. I was super excited because for some reason I thought just adding glitter to the paint would work. Not so much. But the ones I bought, I believe are Apple Barrel, and they worked pretty decently with a white base.

  7. I used the craftsmart glitter in the same color as you in a pour painting and the glitter took over! But it looks so cool.

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