Playing with Fire and a Hairdryer for Acrylic Pouring

Did you see the original ‘flames’ painting I did on a vinyl record? It was such a long time ago now. In this video, I am going to try to recreate something similar on a canvas but using a hair dryer to move the paints – disaster in the making?

Pin MeHow to use a straw and a hairdryer to paint flames with acrylic paint

Materials used:
Economy student acrylic paints from Blick in black, red, yellow, orange, lemon yellow and white
Treadmill silicone oil
12 inchgallery wrapped canvas
8oz squeeze bottles
Domestic hair dryer (plus painters tape and a funnel)

All paints were mixed 2 parts paint, 1 part Floetrol and water as necessary. No oil in the black, minimal oil in the other colors.

Well, that was fun. I had no idea how the hairdryer was going to work out until I tried it. It really didn’t do that well. Low was too low and high was too high. It blew the paint too much and I didn’t have enough control. Using a straw was much better but by the time the hairdryer had done its thing, it was a bit too late to get the look I was after.

This canvas lives to be poured on another day. As usual, check out the slideshow below for more images of this painting, and thanks so much for watching.

5 thoughts on “Playing with Fire and a Hairdryer for Acrylic Pouring”

  1. I replied to one of your emails but don’t suppose people look at those. I cannot find a drop down on all your videos. Help?

    1. Yes I look at every email, and I just replied to you within minutes. Should be there now. I sent you screen prints of what to look for.

  2. Heidi M Grostephan

    This INCREDIBLE. I’m a sculptural welder, and have gotten into paint pouring. I would love to make a similar themed painting to give to my studio!! All of your videos are amazingly helpful and every painting is beautiful!

  3. I am new to acrylic pouring. I bought the ingredients recommended by you and followed ur recipe: 2 parts paint to 1 part flood, and 1 drop of treadmill belt lubricator. Mix up each ind. color combine into one cup and flip cup upside down on a canvas. NO cells! What did I do wrong? Do I not mix the lubricant? Did I use too little? What should I do?

  4. I tried out acrylic painting with liquitex and i feel the hairdryer made my paint to dry soon, instead i wanted to use it to spread out the paint and swirl around! How can i get a result with dryer

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