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Using Peacock Colors in a Wavy Swipe

In the last painting I did (check it out, it’s amazing here), there was one area of my ‘rainbow’ where the cells made a mix of colors and shapes that reminded me of peacock feathers. Who doesn’t love the shimmer of a fabulous peacock feather? So my next project idea was born.

I’m using a mid green, mixed myself with part green and part yellow, a bright cobalt blue, and a gold mixed myself with mica pigments. I’m using white for my base. Back to pouring onto a tile again today while I save for canvases.

Always looking for something new to try, today I pour into little stacked puddles of color and then swipe in a zig-zag shape across the tile. It certainly results in an explosion of beautiful little cells.

But then at the end – another complete disaster and it was ruined. I am such a clutz. I didn’t consider that painting on a tile would take longer to dry all the way through than on a canvas, and I messed it up completely  🙁

What do you think? Did these colors look like a peacock feather to you? I’m not sure now they are mixed. Maybe more purple and or a darker blue? Less green or a different green? It certainly was beautiful and I had plans to give it to the lady in the tile shop. She seemed rather bemused when I told her I wanted some plain tiles to paint on.

Check out the slide show below for more pictures while it was wet, and the details. Sadly no finished pictures on this one unless you want to look at a cleaned tile.  Sigh.

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Learn how to swipe and create gorgeous cells in acrylic pouring painting, fluid acrylics. Video tutorial.

3 thoughts on “Using Peacock Colors in a Wavy Swipe”

  1. Elizabeth Wright

    In the past out of sheer desperation and distance from an art shop to get more canvases, I soaked my dud painting in warm soap water. The dud paint came off with a little encouragement. But I was able to use the canvas again once it had dried.

    1. I recently had partial success with this too, on a canvas where the paint was really thick. The thinner parts wouldn’t come off though and now the surface is a right mess! I think its an all or nothing if trying to peel off the paint.

  2. Can’t seem to get the technique right for a Dutch Pour? Think my White base coat and White paint is still too thick?? Will post photo and appreciate any feedback you can give me. Thanks.

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