Metallic Flip Cup Acrylic Pour with Black Negative Space

If I had to pick out some of my favorite paintings, this one would be high on the list. So I would like to try to recreate something similar today but using completely different colors and metallic paints. I still love the black background and hope it will make the sparkle of the metallics really shine at the edges.

Metallics acrylic pour fluid art painting video. Bright metallic paints create cells against a black negative space background, video demonstration

Materials used in this painting:
Gallery wrapped canvas
Craft Smart metallics in Aquamarine and Sapphire
DecoArt metallics in Berry
Treadmill belt silicone oil

The metallics were mixed 1:1 paint to Floetrol and a little water, plus 2 drops of treadmill belt silicone.
The white was mixed 2:1 paint to Floetrol and a little water, plus 2 drops of treadmill belt silicone.
The black was mixed 2:1 paint to Floetrol and a little water, with no oil.

I’m going to follow the same process that I did before. Create a flip cup and border it with the two bands of black. Fingers crossed I can get the look and composition I’m after.

So it came out really nice although a little different to the original. I had a bit more paint in my flip cup and I think I had mixed the metallics a little thin so they spread out a bit more and took up most of the space on the canvas, not leaving much negative space. The metallic paints also broke up more around the edges while drying so they are a lot less defined than the original, but the metallic bleeding out into the black does give a really cool, almost lightening effect.

I think the end result is a little disappointing compared to what I had in mind.  I think I had mixed the metallics a little bit too thin so they kept on moving and spreading just that little bit while drying. I’m still on the fence about this one so it’s just going to sit in my collection unfinished for a while until I decide to repour it or not. However, if YOU love it and want to buy it, let me know and I will be happy to varnish it for you. It wouldn’t be the first time someone got in touch about a painting I wasn’t totally in love with and bought it before I even listed it in the Etsy shop!

As usual, enjoy the slideshow below with more photos of this painting. I’d love to see you try it for yourself. Come and share your pours in our Facebook group.

10 thoughts on “Metallic Flip Cup Acrylic Pour with Black Negative Space”

  1. I think it turned out really nice. A bit different from the usual flip cup thing. The black really lights up those metallics, doesn’t it!

  2. Monique Flechaire

    I love the colour combination and the right balance of cells ! My eyes can “rest” on the black, but want to go back to explore the details on the cells.. Great one !

  3. I love it, it really shows up on the black, I just wanted to know how long you leave the finished canvas before you are able to varnish it. Thanks

    1. I like to leave them 4 weeks before varnishing. This was recommended to me by Minwax.

  4. Deby – Why did you not use a black canvas? Were you looking for some of the white to come through your pour?

    1. I can’t get a black canvas on the island and didn’t see the need to paint it black before I started, because all of the colors I am using were opaque.

    2. When I don’t have a black canvas available I use black Gesso and usually make up two or three at a time. However I have not done any pours on black canvas. I think your metallic pour came out very well.

  5. Stunningly beautiful. The black background makes thè colours stand out alot i dont think it would have had the same effect on white background.

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