7 Gold Pour Paintings That May Be Out of Your Budget

Gold is getting really expensive these days. But it can’t get as expensive as the gold pour paintings we’ve selected from our Facebook group Acrylic Pouring.

Fortunately, we have some of the amazing artists in our community that never fail to surprise others with their incredible artwork. In today’s post, we’ll highlight some of the best gold pour paintings by the incredible artists who have stunned everyone with their Acrylic Pouring Skills.

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Now, let’s take a look at the Gold Pour Paintings that may be out of your budget.

Golden Rain

by Julie Cutts

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Julie is an outstanding member of our community. She has shared lots of amazing paintings in the groups and she always gets plenty of appreciation for her work.

Here is what Julie says about this painting:

The piece was created by swiping gold acrylic paint mixed with Floetrol over shades of teal and black. Silicone oil was used to create the cells or ‘raindrops effect’. When using gold acrylic paint, it helps to keep your mix a bit thicker so that that gold doesn’t sink under the other colors.

Follow Julie on Youtube and see the process she uses for different paintings.


by Stephanie Gagos

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During our research, we found many other beautiful paintings published by Stephanie. I bet you’d be mesmerized by her fantastic artwork.

Stephanie’s thoughts about this beautiful gold pour painting:

Gold can really take over if you are not careful, so a small amount is best. I usually use about a fourth of the amount of my other colors. Gold often will have interesting effects. Sometimes gold will cell up, or create interesting lacing. That is the beauty of using a metallic such as gold and you kind of need to be open to whatever it does.

While you have a bit less control, the results often can be stunning. I personally love combining gold with deeper richer colors, like a deep blue, purple, or green. It really allows the gold to shine and stand out.

Stephanie publishes her artwork on Instagram. You may also follow her on Youtube.

Sunny Day

by Ria Winter-Nijman

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What a lovely piece of art it is. I instantly fell in love with this gold pour painting when it appeared.

Here is what Ria Says:

For this painting, I used paint from Artina from Germany and Amsterdam. The gold hue of Artina is very full of solid beautiful paint. Amsterdam also has beautiful full paints. The pm is Floetrol 60% water 40%. 1 part paint to 1 part pm. And if necessary dilute with water. Thickness is just like warm honey.

I made this painting with 3 cups (coffee cups). Fill paint to 1 finger thickness below the brim Filled with 4 shades of gold some black and white and dark brown Then put it on canvas as a flip cup and tilt very carefully.

Ria is a humble and skillful artist. You may follow her on Facebook.

Halo of Gold

by Sue Goldberg

4 1

Sue has published several Dutch pour paintings within the group and has a really impressive reputation there. This one is also a Dutch pour but it’s a bit unique and attractive as well.

Sue’s thoughts:

“This piece was created by using the ‘Dutch Pour’ method. When using Gold on a Black background you need to make sure you have enough Gold to be effective. That’s why I used 2 different shades & alternated them between 2 puddles of the Mars Black.

That’s actually the easy part. The hard part is knowing how to use your blow dryer. For this piece, I started in the middle & just blew outward in every direction. I was very pleased with the outcome.”

You can find her incredible pieces of art on Instagram.

Dragon’s Heart

by Janille Baxter

5 1

We appreciate that Janille took some time to write a detailed response for our audience.

Janille’s Response:

“Dragon’s Heart” was created on an 8 x 10-inch canvas using layered colors, swiping, and tilting.

Once you infuse the magic of gold into your paintings, be prepared for a wild love affair with the royalty of metallics!

Here are a few “tips” on how I paint with gold:

Each gold hue has its own sassy personality! I acquaint myself with my gold paints by “interviewing” them with pouring mediums and techniques. And knowing whether they will create fabulous cells, pearls, or crisp lines only adds to the wow factor as they spread across my canvas or interact with other pigments!

Adding gold creates complexity and depth! Metallics create a sense of movement, and I wanted that organic depth in “Dragon’s Heart.” I knew my 14K gold would float across the surface creating a delightful metallic sheen, so I deliberately layered squiggly lines of Payne’s gray (bottom layer) and Color Shift Green Flash under the 14K gold before swiping so the darker colors would shimmer and “glow” from underneath.

Why settle for one? Mixing a drop of gold into colors like Prussian blue adds depth and a sense of mystery, but why not try mixing two golds? This often causes the pigments to visually “vibrate” and creates an exciting, customized look! The gold pigment in FolkArt’s Color Shift Green Flash behaves differently than the 14K gold, and it’s what gave “Dragon’s Heart” its 3-D effect!


You may explore Janille’s artwork on Facebook and Instagram as well.

The Glistening

by Sue Wikham


Sue is an amazing artist and we’re glad that she provided detailed information about how she designed this painting.

Sue’s Words:

I have loved using metallic paints in my swipes since I fell in love with the swiping method nearly 2 years ago now. I love the control that I have over my swiped paintings Although metallics add a beautiful depth to your paintings, it is sometimes hit and miss, with a lot of experiments, and scraped canvas’.

The consistency of the metallic paint is paramount, too thick and it can sink, too thin and it can sink, if it’s Monday it can sink…. you get the picture! I almost always lay my other colors first with the metallics on top, then continue swiping and occasionally adding metallics in different areas if I feel I”m not getting enough sheen.

My favorite colors, Venetian gold, extreme gold, bronze, and copper, (especially in tree landscapes) – copper and gold are amazing on tree trunks. This particular painting I swiped with glad wrap, although since this one I have changed to using a plastic sandwich bag, it is a bit heavier, and you an clean them to reuse.

There is no right or wrong, just experiment and enjoy – and when someone loves it as much as you and buys it – you ride that exhilaration for days.

You may explore Sue’s other paintings on Instagram.

Golden Hunters

by Jan Walters


Jan’s thoughts about this gold pour:

This was a puddle pour; as you know after you start it sort of has a mind of its own. It started out where I could see the face of a dog, then all of a sudden it turned into a buffalo or so I thought.

I went in and highlighted it with gold leaf to accent ears, eyebrows, beard, and specific outlined parts. It is called Cazadores Dorados (Golden Hunters). As it developed also a black raven appeared in the middle of the Buffalo, thus making it plural for hunters. It is made with acrylic, gold leaf, cut glass, and resin finish.

Jan artwork can be explored on Facebook.

These artists have earned this position with their hard work and beautiful artwork. You may also get featured in our future articles if you actively publish your artwork in our Facebook Group Acrylic Pouring. We regularly monitor the art of our artists and we feel proud to share their work here when they get appreciation from others. Thank you for all who participate and all members of our community!

3 thoughts on “7 Gold Pour Paintings That May Be Out of Your Budget”

  1. Wow, each of these pieces is absolutely stunning! I’m excited about learning more about using metallics for that gorgeous sheen! Thank you for sharing!

  2. These Painting look really cool, so I’m eager to try myself using Gold Metallic Paints. Thanks!

  3. Gold may be expensive, I bought it one kind at a time and was doable. I use little gold compared with other colors, as it often will ‘take over’. Also for the results I get, it is worth paying a few extra pennies over a period of time.

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