Dirty Pouring with Gold Accents – Geology!

You know sometimes how you get a word in your head, and it’s the wrong word, but you keep saying it over and over. Yes, I feel like such a fool. This dirty pour reminded me so much of the colored layers you might find through rocks and semi-precious gems but could I think of the word – no! But I got there in the end.

Video. What is a dirty pour and how can you use it with acrylic pouring to create cells and this geological look in your pouring.

This painting I think looks like geology – that’s it. The layers of sedimentary rock that have built up in all different colors and then been cut through or been exposed by the weather and you see all of those gorgeous layers. Plus I added some gold too, and who wouldn’t want to find a thick seam of gold running through the rocks!

Let’s face it, my dirty pouring technique has never been great. I feel like I get too many lines and layers, so this time I just went with it, was happy to see them and tilted it about with abandon. Who says our paintings have to be covered in big smooth round cells? I get joy from just seeing the color and movement in the paint, plus the sparkle of the gold. You can never have too much metallic, glitter or sparkle  🙂

So join me while I just paint for fun today, and have another go at a dirty pour. Who knows, it might just turn out OK!

So there, not too bad. I still don’t think the dirty pour and I get along perfectly, but I’m learning to appreciate the results and the different look I get with it. This one is particularly pleasing because of all the layers and those veins of gold running through. I like it!

So what about you? Do you have a technique that is your go-to and is there any other which you just don’t feel so comfortable with? How do you plan to overcome it? Avoid it or embrace the challenge?

As usual, check out the slideshow below for lots of pictures, both wet and dry, and closeups of all the lovely details.

2 thoughts on “Dirty Pouring with Gold Accents – Geology!”

  1. Do you have plans to bring you book, Acrylic Pouring, out in a hard copy? I am a book person, like to touch I guess.

    1. Sadly not really, its just so expensive to print your own books, that no one would be willing to buy it at that price. All I can suggest is to find someone to print it onto some nice paper for you. But thanks for asking.

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