Using my Acrylic Pouring Fascination for Gift Giving

Hello again!  Good to see you!  

Well, I have a bit of a confession to make! If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll have read about my first pour An Acrylic Pouring Beginning, My hubby’s first pour Introducing my Husband to Acrylic Pouring and his second pour  Giving the Gift of Pouring, My Husband’s Second Pour . Well, I must confess, I snuck in a pour or two without sharing with you! Yikes! I think it might have been that crazy earthquake that I wrote about in Test Driving my Acrylic Pouring Station that just threw me off kilter!

So, I’m going to share with you this pour, as I wrote it, and as I did it, even though it is chronologically out of order with the other four articles I’ve written. I ask for your forgiveness now. Would you be so kind? Thank you. 


A little while ago, I executed (see, totally out of chronological order!) my very first Acrylic Pour! 

It was love at first flip! The creative juices were flowing! I wanted to try this and try that and the other! Do I pour, or do I flip or drag or string oh my! The possibilities are endless. But alas, my budget and “on hand” supplies are not! 

Taking into account everything I have on hand and realizing the greatest quantities of paint are gray and white, the possibilities became a narrow path. If you read my first article, you’ll remember that most of my supplies were purchased at the dollar store, supplemented by a few things I had on hand and a trip to the recycle center for free paint. Well since you, my readers, are so awesome and generous with your ideas, such as:

Denise says:

Jun 30, 2019 at 12:42 pm

Use the red paint with the gray, white and black colors! Here in Ohio those are OSU Buckeye colors.

Sheila Tiernay says:

Jun 30, 2019 at 1:41 pm

Rochelle, try the gray, black and white without another colour…I ‘ve seen it done and it looks good.

Regardless have fun.

Penny Selin says:

Jul 1, 2019 at 8:39 am

Try a gold paint with the gray and white!


Hmmm, I do have a small vial of black poster paint, and the above suggestions are so good, they have gone onto the “to do list!”  Watch for future articles! 

But with my limited resources, I kinda felt like it had to be with a gift in mind. What a great way to validate my expenditure of cash for a hobby when it ends up as a gift! 

With all the creative ideas floating about it made a thought pop up! With Green, yellow, and red poster paint patiently waiting to be honored, which one would “pop” the best?  Better yet, which colors could be blended to make another color? Wait, yellow and red make orange. What about Black and Orange? That sorta sounds familiar… One of my brothers just loves orange and black! His entire bedroom theme is in those colors. It has something to do with a bicycle, or tricycle or maybe a motorcycle or the such. When I told hubby about this idea (he knows so much more about those things that have wheels represented by those colors than I could ever!) for making art for my brother as a gift, hubby came up with an awesome scheme! 

HD 1 e1574453478459

Shhhhh, don’t tell my brother about this, okay? 

What if we used a stencil inspired by the logo for that American Icon my brother loves so well?  In discussing the how a stencil could work, we decided we would try something we hadn’t seen done before. It could be a success or a total flop, but we were both game for the challenge!  

The idea was to print out a recognizable shape of that logo, specific enough to be familiar, but not so detailed as to be smeared and gross. Then cover it in tape so the water displacement chemical wouldn’t soak into the paper. The plan included laying the newly constructed stencil upon the canvas and spray silicone directly over the top then leave it to “set” without being disturbed for a day or two. Seems legit.

Then we discussed colors. This is going to need to be a pour rather than a flip, because we were going to need more control over where the colors go. Maybe the orange and white in the center and the gray and black around the outside?   

Questions, questions! Will the silicone run into the outside and lose all shape? Will it make cells in the shape of the logo? Oh my! This is an exciting adventure!  

But, those pesky paid employment gigs kinda get in the way of creativity.

HD 2

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Five days until we can make art! The excitement cannot be contained!

On about Wednesday, we printed, taped and cut out the stencil. It was pinned to the canvas, but really didn’t fit tight, so we scrapped the idea of spraying the silicone. 

HD 3 HD 4

Instead, we used a pencil and drew the shape from the stencil onto the canvas, then “painted” the area with the “RainX” water displacement chemical. Painting it had more control than the spray of the silicone.

HD 5

Saturday finally arrived, and we were raring to go!

HD 6

First we put push pins into back of the canvas.

HD 7

Then started mixing that dollar store poster paint.

HD 8

Now add a little of that red (ugh) house paint. 

HD 9

A tiny bit of water…

HD 10

Sorta looks orange???

HD 11

Maybe white will help?

HD 12

Maybe black will help?

HD 13

 More red? Oh man, this is not going well at all!  

HD 14

Not the right orange, but good enough for Government work!  Let’s add some Mod Podge! 

HD 15

This is the free gray paint I got from the recycle center. 

HD 16

Adding most of what’s left of the dollar store black poster paint to the grey house paint to see if we can make the grey actually black… Fingers crossed! 

HD 17

Nope!  Okay, let’s just 

Add Mod Podge to the black paint. 

HD 18

Starting the layers!  Hope we have enough paint!! 

HD 19

Adding the RainX hoping for huge cells! 

But duh, that’s just gonna ruin the stencil! What were we thinking?

HD 20

Hubby painted white paint around the outside to help the paint flow to the edges, and he’s ready to flip!

HD 21 HD 22 HD 23 HD 24

Ohhhhhh kinda looks like an Orange Creamsicle!

Yummmmm, now I want ice cream

HD 25

The moment of truth. Will the painted on RainX make a barrier, or will the logo just disappear into oblivion?

HD 26

Ohhhhh! Epic fail!

Not only did the RainX do nothing, but the colors are mud!  

HD 27

Okay, just add a few drops of black and see if we can salvage this disaster!


HD 28

Maybe more black paint? 

Nope. Such a failure!

HD 29

Well, we can’t mess it up any more than this monstrosity, so let’s give it a bit of a swipe! 

HD 30

Ohhhhh, the paint is thin enough and there is enough of it to tilt a bit after the swipe. This might have just been returned from the brink! 

There is hope! A bit of a flame to see if there are actually cells…

HD 31


Nope. Such disappointment! 

This whole pour is a disappointment. *Sigh* 

No famous bright orange, no actual black, lots of grey, no cells, and absolutely no sign of that famous logo. The next day, hubby has an idea… Since we still have the stencil, let’s use it as a stencil! 

HD 32

A light spray….

Acrylic pour Acrylic Pour


Well now, that’s kinda fun!

Acrylic Pour

Ta-da! It is finished.  

Is it a winner? Is it a failure? What’s your opinion? Give it as a gift, or toss? 

As always, 

God Bless!

7 thoughts on “Using my Acrylic Pouring Fascination for Gift Giving”

  1. I love your down to earth story! We all have to start somewhere. Me I have a number of paintings done. Some really good flops and some I love. I’m thinking of posting some online to sell. Who knows!
    I look forward to more of your wonderful stories and paintings. By the way u really salvaged that painting well kudos to u and those who never give up!

  2. Your perseverance has taught us to continue in spite of apparent failures. You salvaged this very well.

  3. I’m researching a bit before doing a first pour. You mentioned some GREAT places to get paint on the cheap! Your story was inspiring to me, thanks.

  4. Geraldine Self

    I love this experiment. It turned out awesome. Two creative minds working together can make an awesome gift. I hope your brother loved the gift.

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