Giving the Gift of Pouring, My Husband’s Second Pour

Last article, Hubby executed his very first pour, and it was a tough competition!  We’re still waiting for all the votes to be tallied, so we can know who has to buy dinner!  Read all about it here 

One of the sneaky things I hinted at in that article, is more exciting acrylic pouring to come!  Hubby has a really great friend named George, George is a naturalized citizen from Greece, and he loves America! On the long Independence Day weekend, in amongst the earthquakes, and paint supplies purchasing, you can read all about it here, Hubby decided to do a pour for his buddy George! This is hubby’s official second acrylic pour: 

HubbyPour2 1

Hubby was still using the original supplies from the dollar store, but this time, he chose to use a stretched canvas. Learning the hard way, we discovered the flat canvas from the dollar store is glued to cardboard! And it warped! Yikes! Lesson learned!

Because this was hubby’s second pour, I was free to take more photos and give less instructions.

The empty “Mod Podge” bottles are exactly the same size as the paint bottles, so once hubby mixed the paint, mod podge and water, he poured both the blue and the red mixtures back into the mod podge bottle.  Smart move! 

HubbyPour2 2

Mixing the red…

HubbyPour2 3

The white paint was leftovers from previous pours, and hubby recycled the cup after mixing the blue. Waste not, want not! 

HubbyPour2 4

Layering the colors…

HubbyPour2 5 HubbyPour2 6 HubbyPour2 7 HubbyPour2 8

Hubby had watched a YouTube video with me about Acrylic Pouring and they had suggested adding a bit of one of the colors around the edge to help the paint flow to the corners, so hubby decided to give it a bit of a go. 

The video did show using the pallet knife to smear it around a bit, and this was a dollar store find. Three tools for a dollar. 

HubbyPour2 9 HubbyPour2 10 HubbyPour 11

Glug, glug, glug.. The “RainX” water displacement chemical enters the cup! 

HubbyPour2 12


HubbyPour2 13


HubbyPour2 14


HubbyPour2 15 HubbyPour2 16 HubbyPour2 17

Lifting the cup! 

HubbyPour2 18

Ohhh pretty! 

HubbyPour2 19

This is looking great! 

HubbyPour2 20

Tap, Tap, trying to get all the paint out of the cup.

HubbyPour2 21

First tilt. 

HubbyPour2 22 HubbyPour2 23 HubbyPour2 24 HubbyPou2 25

The fluidity of this pour is amazing!  I really don’t know what he did different, but I like it! 

HubbyPour2 26

This is awesome!  It’s looking very American Patriotic!  Red, White and Blue bombs bursting in air! 

HubbyPour2 27

Applying a little flame to try to get those cells to pop! 

HubbyPour2 28

Looking really good! 

HubbyPour2 29

There are some pretty darn decent cells going on there, yay! 

The next day, all dry, in bright sunlight. The photos really don’t do the vibrant colors justice.   But it turned our gorgeous for our favorite George! 

HubbyPour2 30

Do you like this one, or hubby’s first more? 

A few days later, we presented it to George as a gift, and he loved it!  Stay tuned for our next adventure…

As always, 

God Bless! 

14 thoughts on “Giving the Gift of Pouring, My Husband’s Second Pour”

    1. Rochelle Freeman

      Hubby says thank you!
      Yes he did have fun, and he has
      plans to do many more! He’s also
      my “enabler” when we go shopping
      for supplies. LOL

    1. Rochelle Freeman

      The Rainx is an alternative to silicone.
      It was something I had on hand when I wrote about
      my first ever acrylic pour.

    1. Rochelle Freeman

      Thank you Shawna! It’s fun to write about the pouring adventures.
      Stay tuned, there is more to come!

  1. That is beautiful! I poured a red, white and blue piece, too, in honor of Independence Day and it is not near as bright as his! Maybe I’ll try again on the next “official holiday.” Labor Day is coming up! Love your blog, too!

    1. Rochelle Freeman

      Thank you Tammy, for both the compliment on the pour and loving my blog!
      I love writing it!
      Do you have a link where we could see your red, white and blue piece?
      Did you pour in honor of Labor day?
      What colors did you choose to represent Labor day?
      How fun is that?

    1. Rochelle Freeman

      Hi Roberta,
      Yes, I have heard of making jewelry out of dried leftover tray residue,
      but have not yet had the chance to research it.
      Thanks for the suggestion!

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