Rochelle Freeman

Let’s see, where to start? Ah yes, the introduction: My name is Rochelle Freeman and I live in Sunny, Windy, Hot, Cold, Dry, Don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes Desert of Southern California in the good old U S of A. The Love of My Life and I met when I was in High School, and we’ve been happily married 36 years. (Shhhh don’t try to guess my age, that’s not polite!) During the weekdays, I work for a paycheck, gotta pay for that crafty stuff somehow!  During the afternoon hours I tend to the farm critters and the house. Somewhere in there I manage to squeeze in a minute or two of creativity. When I was 6 years old, the woman who lived next door to me introduced me to working with resin, crochet, & knitting.  The woman who lived on the other side of her, introduced me to sewing. In 3rd grade, we were blessed to have a teacher that was very crafty, and had us doing every conceivable art within the scope of 3rd grade, even to the extent of having us use knives to carve apples!   By adulthood, I had taken every available craft, art, & photography class, and even a wood shop class or two! As a grandmother, I continued to learn new handicrafts, and enjoy teaching them to others.