An Audience Requested Black and White Pour

It is such a pleasure writing all these articles and reading all your feedback! You are all so very awesome! Thank you! If you read about my first ever acrylic pour journey An Acrylic Pouring Beginning, you might remember some of the comments…

Sheila Tiernay says:

Jun 30, 2019 at 1:41 pm

Rochelle, try the gray, black and white without another color…I’ve seen it done and it looks good.

Regardless have fun.

Libby says:

Jun 30, 2019 at 7:41 pm

If you let the run off go on to freezer paper. It will pull off easy. You can then use it to cover thing and does not make it a waste. The run off is very close to your pour.
I have a wall where I am sticking it for future use/for something or another.

These comments have highly inspired me, and I tell ya, I desperately need inspiration after the epic fail of the famous orange and black logo pour which can be found here.

So, a few days after the failure, hubby had to stay after work on an emergency and was going to be gone for a few hours. There I was, alone, with all that paint sitting right there in the middle of the dining room. How could I not pour? Seriously! The temptation was just too great, I was all alone, and it was a weeknight to boot! 

Oh, the human weakness! Now, there is a serious draw back to my moment of weakness, since hubby was not home, there was no one to man the camera, yikes! That means, glove on for the pour, gloves off for the camera. So, as you read, please know that I join you in the frustration of not having enough photos! 

BlackandWhite 1

Presently, I found myself going through my painting supplies, remember these? Well, I still had a bit of leftovers…

BlackandWhite 2

So I used the gray paint mixed with the Mod Podge and water, the black poster paint mixed with the Mod Podge and water and the white house paint mixed with the Mod Podge and water. 

But something just wasn’t balanced. Something was just amiss.

BlackandWhite 3

By George, I’ve got it!

It needs metallic paint, for a bit of shimmer!

If you missed my wild adventures on buying paint, you can read about it here Creating my Acrylic Pouring Station .

BlackandWhite 4

Ohhhh pretty, it does shimmer! 

black white

See the bakers rack under the canvas?  Not sure who suggested it, but thought I’d give it a go! 

Then under that, is the freezer paper. Freezer paper is a thick paper with one side that is Plastic-coated. The outer side of freezer paper is a durable paper that’s easy to write on and the paper works great for crafting to protect work surfaces from spills, markers, paint, and quilting.

It is totally possible that freezer paper in the USA sells better to crafters than to cooks!

BlackandWhite 6

Looks like it needs a little bit more tilting, let’s stretch that paint out a bit! 

BlackandWhite 7

That’s better. Here is the wet finished black, gray, and white. 

BlackandWhite 8

Can you see the shimmer in the spills? 

That paint when dry should just peel right off there! And maybe someday I’ll figure out how to make jewelry to sell from the drippings, so I can buy more paint! 

BlackandWhite 10

On the other hand, not liking the bakers rack so much.  It didn’t do anything better than the push pins placed in the back of the canvas, and it now must be cleaned.  Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

BlackandWhite 11

What do you see?  

BlackandWhite 12

Turned this way, I see fish! Kind of a Dr. Suess drawing fish-esque. 

Is this one a winner?


As always, 

God Bless! 



P.S. If you remember from hubby’s first pour, Introducing my Husband to Acrylic Pouring there was a bit of a contest! 

Well, sad to say, y’all voted for hubby! So now, I have to buy dinner, yikes! Let’s all hope he let’s me off easy, or I’ll be spending my paint money on dinner! 

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