7 Acrylic Pours that Will Blow Your Mind

Wanna see the crazy artwork of some incredible artists?

We’ve brought the top Acrylic Pours from our Facebook group that will absolutely blow your mind. Acrylic Pouring is an outstanding community of art lovers who always surprise others with their work.

We’ve been monitoring the artwork of different artists for a long time. And after a lot of hard work and research, we’ve found some of the top acrylic pours and we’re pretty sure that you’d love them. We’ve also added the contact information of the artists so you may learn some tips and tricks from them.

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For Acrylic Pouring Beginners, here are some important resources you may use to take your skills to the next level:

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You’d most probably find the answer to all your basic questions on these resources. Now, let’s take a look at the Best Acrylic Pours that will truly blow your mind.

Blue Dance

by Jasna Bolanča


A BLUE DANCE started out as a dutch pour. The shape created by blowing 5 colors (dark blue, light blue, cyan, lilac, and magenta) reminded me irresistibly of the swaying dress of a woman in a dance. So I painted the character of a dancer in the resulting empty space.

I mix my paints with Floetrol and water.

To learn how to do a basic dutch pour, check out our Dutch Pour Tutorial.

Follow Jasna to learn some tips and tricks.

Down the Rabbit Hole

by Livia Irene


I was experimenting with 24K golden paint by deco art. It was a dirty pour technique, using four different colors.

Tip: It’s really important that the consistency of the different paints are the same. I only use acrylic paints and floetrol. Also knowing and understanding the color wheel is important to avoid mud looking canvas.

You can find the artist on Instagram.

Sea Wisdom

by Kimberly Shaw


The poured portion of this piece was done in the technique by Elyse Fournier in her “Snowy River” YouTube video. If a pour seems to yearn for more, I often add a creature, typically from the sea. In this case, I used Alcohol Ink over the pour. I used Krylon’s Triple Thick Gloss spray to create a non-porous surface.

You may follow the artists on Instagram to explore their artwork.

Dancing Skies

by Kimberly Schoonveld Liston


It is a 12″×24″ acrylic pour. I use paint and water to a melted ice cream consistency. I have no special technique except pour and tilt and hope for the best. I then hand-painted in the trees with acrylic.

You can find me here.

Keeper of Dreams

by Sheila Eichele


My tip would be take your time, don’t rush. This was a swipe done with junk mail of all things.

Here you can follow Sheila if you want to know details about how she carries out her work.

Ethereal Dutch Pour

by Claire Schaffrath


The process was a normal Dutch pour inspired by rinske douna and her vibrant black series. However, I added some floetrol to one of the colors to create some beautiful cells. So I created the usual puddle of colors on the black base keeping all paints a thin consistency to allow easy flow and movement. I then add a drizzle of the one color with a splash of floetrol on top then blow over and out with a hairdryer. It’s an 8”x8” canvas.. the key to success is paint consistency must be thin and not too much.

To learn how to do a basic dutch pour, check out our Dutch Pour Tutorial.

Feel free to follow Claire on Instagram


by Carolyn Olivas Wallace


This was a big 24×30 canvas that I did flip cups on with silicone just to see what happens (only had been pouring about 3 months). It was crazy busy to me and just needed to calm down without losing the bright colors. So I added the most calming image I could find. Everything I do is hand-painted. No stickers or stencils. Just acrylics and a brush. Hope you like.

You can find Carolyn on Instagram.

These are the top Acrylic Pours we’ve grabbed from our Facebook group. We hope that you loved them! It took a lot of time to select the posts because we receive hundreds of posts from different artists every day. Obviously we can’t pick every one to feature, but there are so many good ones to check out here!

Make sure that you share your Acrylic Pours in the group because the community is all about helping and motivating each other. If you have any questions about Acrylic Pouring or need help with finding reliable supplies, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll try to help in any way we can!

Keep up the good work and always help each other. 🙂

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