Primary Color Negative Space Pour

Previously I had matched my CYM primaries with a white negative space, but you know how much I love my strong contrast of bright colors with black, so this one has been on my mind for a while. I prepared my canvas in advance with a black edge and corners and because this was a super-expensive one, I taped the back too to keep it looking clean and smart.

Negative space flip cup acrylic pouring video tutorial, using black negative space with CYM primary colors in the flip cup

My plan was basically the same as the white one I did, except where before I did a diagonal tilt on a square, this time I want to tilt top to bottom along the length of the canvas.

In this painting I am using:
Art Alternatives Titanium White, Black and Magenta
Liquitex Basics Cerulean Blue
Blick Student Acrylic in Chrome Yellow
Treadmill Belt Silicone
KY True Feel Dimethicone oil

Recipe for the paint mix:
1 part paint
1 part Floetrol
Water as needed
1 drop of treadmill silicone in the white, black and magenta
1 drop of dimethiconein the yellow and blue

The darned black was a bit of a nuisance in this one. It was left over from a previous pour and already had just a single spot of the treadmill silicone but it was already enough that when I used the stick to try to swipe off some of the excess black paint, it actually caused the paint to cell up and separate, showing through some white canvas. All was well in the end and it was easy to touch up as it was drying. The end result goes straight to the top of my favorite paintings list. I’m so glad that I used one of my special canvases for this one. The bright colors contrasting with the black, it’s just what I love.

As usual, enjoy the slideshow below of more photos from this pour, both wet and dry, and closeups of the details.

6 thoughts on “Primary Color Negative Space Pour”

  1. Beautiful! I’m curious why you used one type of silicone in white, black and magenta and another type in the cyan and yellow.

    1. I find the different products give me slightly different cells, so sometimes I will mix and match just for fun.

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