Rich Metallic Flip Cup Acrylic Pour Painting

Time for a leftover paint project. Check out the large canvas I did for the last project called ‘Stata’ here. I mixed too much paint (as always) but not enough to put away and save so here’s a leftovers pour today.

Metallic and glitter paint acrylic pouring demonstration tutorial video. Create cells with acrylic paints. Learn how with this video using metallic paints on a negative space background

I did a double dirty pour for the last one, so this time I’ll combine my bits and pieces of leftover paints into a single cup for a flip cup. Not too much black perhaps, but let’s really let those metallics and glitter paints show through in gold, copper, bronze and fire opal. I’ll be surrounding it with white for a negative space pour, which will help out in the event that I don’t have enough to cover the whole canvas with the leftovers. This time the Fire Opal glitter paint goes in the flip cup instead of being used to accent, like the last painting.

In this painting I am using:
Art Alternatives Titanium White, Black, Gold (seller ships Free worldwide)
Liquitex Basics Bronze and Copper
Martha Stewart Glitter Paint in Fire Opal
Treadmill Belt Silicone
KY True Feel Dimethicone oil

Recipe for the paint mix:
1 part paint
1 part Floetrol
Water as needed
1 drop of treadmill silicone in the white and black
1 drop of dimethicone in the copper, bronze and gold
None in the Fire Opal

I like it! Kind of neutral, classic colors, the sort of thing that would look good in any stylish home and color scheme I think. Not bad for using up a few leftovers. And the sparkle and glitter, well, it makes me very happy. This one will be making it’s way into my Etsy Store soon. As usual, enjoy the slideshow below with pictures of this painting, both wet and dry and closeups of the details.

FAQ about Rich Metallic Flip Cup Pour

1. What is a metallic flip cup pour?

 It is a pour painting technique using metallic paints and involves flipping a cup filled with paint onto the canvas.

2. Can I mix metallic paints with regular acrylic paints?

 Yes, metallic paints can be mixed with regular acrylics to create diverse effects.

3. Do metallic paints react differently in a flip cup pour?

 Metallic paints may create different cells and lacing effects compared to regular acrylic paints due to their unique consistency.

4. How can I prevent the metallic paints from sinking or floating?

 Adjusting the paint density by mixing in mediums can help in managing the layering of metallic paints.

5. How do I seal a metallic pour painting?

 Using a clear, non-yellowing sealant is recommended to preserve the metallic sheen.

6. Can I use any kind of metallic paint for a flip cup pour?

 Most metallic acrylic paints can be used, but results may vary based on brand and consistency.

7 How long does it take for a metallic flip cup pour to dry?

 Typically, it takes between 24 to 72 hours for a metallic flip cup pour painting to dry completely.

4 thoughts on “Rich Metallic Flip Cup Acrylic Pour Painting”

  1. Love this painting

    I am new at pouring and am having a ball.

    Am moving into a new home, and plan on doing large pouring pieces. Hope they turn out oK:)
    Is it Ok to sprinkle glitter over the poured paint? I would like a silver sparkly look. Or is using glitter paint better?

    1. Sure you can sprinkle glitter over the top while it is still wet, I think that would look lovely. The glitter paints are now in very short supply because they have been discontinued, which makes me very sad. Grab them if you see any!

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