A Partner Swipe to Celebrate Thanksgiving

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With the big family holidays coming around I decided to take advantage of the togetherness for some artistic purposes. I was lucky enough to have my sister in town and when I asked her if she wanted to help me with an art project she was gracious enough to play along.

Supplies I Used:

While my sister isn’t the craftiest person around, she is always a good sport and when I showed her some of the work we do in this community she was eager to give it a try. We took a trip to the craft store (braving the grocery stores to collect a few Thanksgiving ingredients and goodies) I wanted both of us to pick our own paints and kind of go in blind about what we were about to create. Luckily, our style has always been complimentary.

Partner Swipe1

My sister picked out this really great, deep, dark blue and used a couple colors I had laying around while I wanted something a little more on the warm side with some sparkle. She was a complete acrylic pouring new comer so I had her watch one of Steve Shaw’s beautiful swipes to get the rhythm of what we were getting ourselves into. I put her to work, showing her how to mix paints and the consistency that we wanted and how much of each paint we wanted for the swipe color and the accompanying colors, it was a nice little bonding/teaching experience. When we got to actually prepping our canvas I was reminded that she was is the baby sister and was having some trouble sharing the canvas! But little mistakes are often arts greatest takeaways.

Partner Swipe2

My original plan was to do the swipe in perfect synchronicity, but I was shooting a bit too high toward those stars. We wound up taking turns so that she could make sure she was doing it right, she’s a bit of a perfectionist, bet you can’t tell, huh?

Partner Swipe3
Partner Swipe5

At first she was a little confused by what was going on, our canvas just wasn’t behaving like Steve’s had been in his video. But then I told her to give me a hand with some tilting and she started to see the bigger picture—literally. The gold glitter started to bleed a bit in to blues and some of the streaks and cells of purple started to come back to the surface. And right where the two swipes met together the colors and glitter started to do this really interesting swirl. A ghost of the dark blue had somehow managed to move over to the red side and some of the pink was flirting with the purple. It was a beautiful mingling of colors.

She was fascinated with everything that was starting to happen on the canvas and couldn’t get close enough to the canvas. I had the big sisterly urge to push her nose in to it, but we are both adults and that would have ruined the painting. Needless to say she was about as hooked as any one of us were after our first pour and with all of the family time coming around I think I’ll be using her excitement to my artistic benefit and her artist education.

Featured ImagePartner Swipe6

I could not be more happy that this first partner project was a success and now I need to get to the drawing board on how else we can churn out some art! Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a great after dinner nap!

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