Painting swap event for acrylic pouring painters.

Painting Swap Frequently Asked Questions

We love to have fun with painting and swap them with others at Acrylic Pouring and while each swap is different, there are a few frequently asked questions that might come up.

Before we get started with the questions, let’s be sure we are on the same page about what exactly a SWAP means.

SWAP= Share With A Painting Pal

Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions about Acrylic Pouring Swaps.


 1. What is a SWAP?

A SWAP is a group of painters who organize on the Internet to exchange items through the postal mail. In the case of swaps organised on Acrylic Pouring, each swap will be in some way painting related. Each package will include the agreed swap item but can also include optional extras for fun such as a letter, mini painting, or sample of your favorite paint. Acrylic Pouring swaps are not direct one-on-one trades or swap deals arranged by individuals.

2. What does the team at Acrylic Pouring do?

The team collects participants names, mailing addresses and some basic information of everyone involved in each swap, such as your likes and dislikes.

Then, using this information, each participant is paired with a painting/swapping buddy for the swap. Note: Some swaps are blind swaps. This means that you may not be receiving a swap from the same person you send your swap package to.

Acrylic Pouring will email each participant after the sign up deadline with their recipient’s name, address and all other swap related details. The team will also send out reminder emails to participants close to the mail deadline.

 3. Who can join a SWAP?

Anyone over the age of 18 with a valid email address and mailing address. Acrylic Pouring even allows for international swaps, providing we can match you with a painter in your own country, or you are willing to ship and swap internationally.

 4. Who should NOT join a SWAP?

While everyone is welcome to join the party with Acrylic Pouring, we request that you refrain from joining a swap if you live in a country that restricts incoming mail from certain countries, or restricts where you can send mail. (Please check, as this may pertain to overseas members.)

Also, while we make every effort possible to pass along any special requests to your partner, we suggest that those with severe allergies refrain from participating.

 5. Who will see my personal information?

Only the Acrylic Pouring coordination team and your partner will have have access to your mailing information. We will never give, sell, or rent your contact information to a third party.

If you are not willing to provide a valid mailing address or your email address, please do not participate in the swaps.

 6. What do the swap deadlines mean?

The “Signup Date” is the deadline for open enrollment in the swap. This is the last day the swap will be available for participants to join. After the “signup date” the swap is officially closed to new participants, meaning that no one new can get into that swap.

The “Swap Date” or “Send Date” is the deadline for you to mail your swap packages. If for some reason you have missed the mail deadline, simply email your partner and let them know that their package may be arriving a little late.

7. What type of items will be we swapping and are there any size guidelines?

Each swap is slightly different and may occasionally be based around a particular theme or challenge.  Please refer back to your SWAP sign up post for additional details. Remember, it is always nice to include something extra in your package, as a gift for your swap partner, but this is entirely optional.

8. Now that I’ve joined, what do I need to do next?

Once you have officially signed up for the swap you will download the document with a link to a brief questionnaire. Please fill out the questions to the best of your ability and double check that your FULL shipping address and email address are correct for all correspondence.

9. What if I signed up for a swap and for some unexpected reason, need to bow out?

We understand that things happen, that are outside of your control.

However, if partners have already been assigned, it is your obligation to the swap. If you decide not to participate in a swap after the partners are assigned you no longer have the option to drop from that swap. If you do not send something it means that another participant will not receive an item. Basically, the bottom line is please, do not sign up for a swap if you are not 100% certain that you will be able to follow through with the swap. If you have a major issue that prevents you from participating in a swap after the signup deadline, please contact your swap coordinator to make alternate arrangements.

10. May I pick which countries I am willing to ship to?

In order to keep shipping costs to a minimum, the team will make every effort to keep your partner local to your country. However, that is not always possible and you may be required to ship internationally. Please refer to the website to determine the costs of postage for both domestic and international rates. You can indicate on the questionnaire whether or not you are willing to ship to another country.

11. What do I do after I have sent my item to my SWAP partner?

It is best to reach out to your partner by email and let them know their Happy Mail package is on the way! After that, it is time to wait for your package to arrive.

Once package is in hand, we encourage you to thank your partner. Everyone likes to know that their package has arrived safe and sound. After that, we invite you to share a quick photo of your new painting in our Facebook group or on Instagram. Feel free to tag the photo with #acrylicpouring. This will make it easy for all to see.

12. What is a “Swap Angel”?

An “angel” is someone who volunteers to send swap items to a person in a swap who did not receive anything from their assigned partner. Being an angel is a very nice thing to do, but not expected or required. There is nothing more disappointing and frustrating when signing up for a swap to never have a package arrive in your mailbox. It is up to each individual to decide whether they would like to volunteer as an angel and it is never required.

13. Why is there a small fee to join the SWAP?

There are SO many hours of behind the screen of work happening to put a successful SWAP together. These hours include: gathering everyone’s information, offering helpful tips along the way, manually pairing of partners (that’s right, we actually read all of your requests and do our best to help pair you with the perfect partner!), answering emails and making sure that everyone receives a package. These hours add up fast and the small fee helps offsets this cost of hiring an assistant to deal with the swap administration.

Asking members to make a commitment by way of a small fee also helps the swap to run smoothly, because it will keep out people who say yes, but then have no intention of following through and sending a parcel.

14. I’m not confident my paintings are ‘good’ enough  🙁

I’ve had quite a few people write and say they would like to swap but feel they are too new and people might not like their paintings. That makes me sad 🙁 We have a very supportive group here and all paintings are welcomed with lots of ‘likes’ and ‘hearts’ and positive comments. Please never feel your work isn’t good enough. If you take the time to make a special painting just for your swap partner, based on their favorite colors, I’m sure they will be delighted with it.

15. How much is it going to cost to send my painting?

Most of our swappers sign up from the US so although I’m not familiar with the USPS I’ll try to help. You can see flat-rate box prices here and use the regular mail pricing by weight calculator here. Canvases are lightweight so they don’t cost much to send. If you are concerned I suggest loosely packaging up a typical canvas and taking it to your post office for them to price it for you in advance.

Not signed up yet and want to join the party?

Click to Join SGC small

Please leave any additional questions in the comment section and we will do our best to add to the FAQ list.

Above all, remember that not only is swapping fun but it is a great way to meet new people online and form friendships with people from all over the world!

19 thoughts on “Painting Swap Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Will you be having more swaps? I cannot participate this month due to financial restraints but would love to participate at a later one if you are having them.

    1. I certainly hope so Jolene, if this one is successful I’ll certainly do another one perhaps in late Aug/Sept.

  2. I signed up for the swap quite awhile ago and never found ir received a questionnaire to complete. Where do I find it and submit it?

    1. I’ve sent you an email Rhonda. Look out for it and check your spam folder too in case it goes there.

    1. There is a $5 charge. Clicking the registration button takes you to make payment, then the registration form.

  3. Deby, I lost the email with my swap partners address… can you resend it to me? Her painting is ready to go.

  4. Jolene Stephen

    Hi Deb, I didn’t get to the questionnaire when I signed up and paid. Is there another place I can download it from?


    Yea I tried your paint got matched up with someone sent them a painting Ang no one sent me anything that was in March so I’m have to pass on anymore paint swaps

  6. Does the swap have to be a painting? I seem to pour on all kinds of things, bowls,
    tiles, trays, boxes etc. Would that be acceptable?

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