Blue Tree Rings Swirl Painting That Wasn’t

I’m trying the swirl or tree rings technique again today. I made a pretty good first attempt with my all-natural tree ring swirl but messed up the middle and got a few cells that I hadn’t wanted. So today I’m trying another in blue and fingers crossed it turns out as intended.

Acrylic pouring tree ring swirl technique on an old vinyl record. This one created cells with no silicone and made it look like an ice flow or glacier.

The wood effect one was cool, but I do love my blues so today I’ll be trying the same swirl technique with a variety of blues and seeing if I can get the paint to make those rings but without the cells. I think you can tell from the pictures, that I wasn’t altogether successful in stopping the cells from forming!

Materials used in this painting:


The paints were all mixed 1 part Floetrol to 2 parts paint plus water as needed for consistency. No silicone was added to any of the paints.

As usual, enjoy the slideshow below with photos of this painting, both wet and dry, and closeups of some of the details.

2 thoughts on “Blue Tree Rings Swirl Painting That Wasn’t”

  1. I cannot get resin to stay onparts of my finished paintings. Tried baby wipes. Mabe am not letting them cure long enough? How long should I wait? Could it be the coconnut oil i am mixing in with flotral and paint. Ruined 3 paintings so far

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