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How to Create an Acrylic Pouring Tile Set With Stenciling

I hate to waste paints so when I get a big patch of colorful spill or I have some paints left over in the bottom of my dirty pour cup, then I will dip or pour onto tiles to use that up. Which means I end up with a lot of pretty tiles, but they are all singles, orphans, they don’t make a set. I’m going to try to bring similar tiles together into a set by using a stencil.

Stencilling on painted tiles. Beginner mistakes to avoid! Video of craft fail.

Now if you have watched me trying to be crafty and use a stencil before, you might remember that I am definitely challenged and not a natural to this sort of thing. This time I’m thinking it through and trying to do better (but spoiler alert, I still make a terrible mess!).

Materials used in this project:
Temporary adhesive spray (try one of these stencil adhesives)
Pre-poured tiles

DecoArt Americana stencil in Doily design
DecoArt Americana Decor Metallics paint in Sterling Silver
Ridiculously tiny stencil brush (get a better one here)
Black spray paint (because I’m hopeless!)

Materials for this project:

So check out the video below. You would not think anyone could be so full of positive intention and then make such a terrible mess of a simple project. But let my mistakes be a warning to you and you can do a much better job!

Well, I still think it was a good idea, just bad execution! I’d love to see you being successful, so if you like this idea, give it a try and come and share your finished results in our Facebook Chat Group. See you there.

4 thoughts on “How to Create an Acrylic Pouring Tile Set With Stenciling”

  1. Marie Gamalski

    Hi Deby?…. if I may..(I’ve made LOTS of boo boos w/stencils til I got it!) if you use a bit of double stick tape, (I use one of those tape roller thingys) it will hold but not “rip”, and you need to blot off your paint on a towel, just the barest bit of paint, unfortunately lots of coats….not for the patience challenged (like me!) Love you, and thrilled I’m not the only one w/”fails”!!?

    1. Yes I think I lack in patience to do multiple coats! But I picked up a lot of tips from all the comments and will certainly try this again one day.

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