Spiral Swipe Acrylic Pouring Technique On a Vinyl Record

I had a dream….in which I created the most amazing spiral swipe pattern. Do you ever dream of painting success? I do ALL the time. Of course, in reality, things never turn out quite as planned, but this dream was so vivid and so colorful that I simply have to give it a try. I’ll be using an old LP record and a turntable to help me get that spiral swipe pattern.


In my dream, this spiral swipe looked a bit like a large shell pattern. It was beautiful. Naturally ocean colors were in order and some nice metallic paints too. I’d just managed to get my hands on some lovely new DecoArt paints so blues and greens with some white should make a nice combo. But spoiler alert, I totally overdid it with the paint. I mixed them up, and then for some reason felt compelled to use them all up and had FAR too much paint on that record. It initially swiped OK, but hmm, then it wasn’t so good after drying….


Materials used in this painting:
DecoArt Paints – Americana in Indian Turquoise, Snow White and Coastal Waters.
DecoArt Dazzling Metallics in Ice Blue and Teal
Small paint mixing pots with lids
Treadmill silicone
Old vinyl LP record
Avery label (to cover the hole in the record)
Polycrylic gloss finish
Wilton Cake Turntable


Well, that was rather disappointing. I had hoped that the metallic colors would come thorugh more as it dried, and indeed they did, but the totally ridiculous amount of paint I had on that record spoiled it. The paint was just too thick and it continued to move and run off the sides in little rivers as it dried, totally messing up the lovely spiral shape I originally had on the swipe. But at least I know what I did wrong, and can try again to do this better next time.  I wonder too, if I should layer the paints in circles to emphasise the spiral effect of the swipe. I’ll have to try it.  Or you try it and share in our Facebook Chat Group how it turned out for you.

5 thoughts on “Spiral Swipe Acrylic Pouring Technique On a Vinyl Record”

  1. I love the record pour just as it is. Can you tell me what you use for the clock. There hundreds it seems.

  2. We tend to be our own worst critics, don’t we?! You did a beautiful job on the record! I haven’t even gotten up the nerve to pour yet. I have all the supplies – just don’t feel confident enough. Guess I’d better just DO IT. ✔️ ? Thanks for your great videos! Very helpful!

  3. Hi Deby, I’ve done 6 record pours now with varying success,( only 2 have dried without cracking ?) I wonder if it’s because they are so flexible? Do you mount your records to a board to give them more stability when dry?

    1. It’s more likely down to paint thickness. On a non-porous surface the paints will take longer to dry. If the paint is mixed a bit too thick or left too thickly on the surface it can crack during the drying process. Maybe try running a bit more paint off the sides to leave less on the surface.

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