Easy Glitter and Resin Art Without Pouring

I’m feeling in the mood for something different and thought some of you might like a change too. So this project and video have absolutely NO pouring. Although it does have shimmery metallic paints, lots of glitter and resin. So if that appeals to you – keep reading…

Art resin, metallic paints and glitter. How to create simple yet striking sparkly and shimmering artworks for your home - video. Easy crafts and painting for beginners

I’m exploring my glittery side today with metallic paints and glitter and resin. Keeping the colors very simple, no pouring, just painting a solid background with a brush. I’ll also chat a little during the video about my background with art, and how I came to give it up at age 14 and not pick up a brush or paint again until last year. I’m so glad I found pouring, and connected with my ‘tribe’ of like-minded people who appreciate that art doesn’t have to look like a photo. In this project, I’ll just splash some glittery things around, make it look like nothing at all you can identify and still have fun! Hubby’s not a fan, but I don’t think glitter appeals to him in the same way it does for me.

Materials used in this project:
Art Resin
Silver metallic paint – Art Alternatives
Blue metallic paint – FolkArt Blue Pearl metallic
Blue extra fine glitter
Twinkles Glitter Writer in Crystal
Economy canvas
Aleens Tacky Glue
Original Stationery Arts And Crafts Glitter Shake Jars, Extra 24

Click for Price

DecoArt Craft Twinkles Writers Paint

Click for Price

Wow, that makes me happy! A really fun and easy project that has a pretty and satisfying result. Again, no ‘work of fine art’ but a nice time spent enjoying myself creating something that makes me smile. Art is about the artist and the process. Paint or craft what you enjoy. It’s a hobby, there doesn’t have to be a goal, a point to it, and end result you can sell or do something with. The making is the enjoyable part and there are no rules. Do what makes you happy  🙂

Here’s a slideshow of some images of the finished project – hard to get a good photo because of all that shine!


    1. Sorry to hear that Carmen. Have you looked at the learning options on the site – the ebook and the video class. It can help you to jump start your success and save you money by not wasting paint and canvases. Might be the best option if you need a more structured learning experience.

  1. What a wonderful idea with glitter. Your husband does not have the ssme “eye” as some of us; beauty is in the eye of the beholder; and I think it’s gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. I want to try as soon as I can get some resin…payday tires n resin. Upkeep on the car and upkeep on me. Lol

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