Split Color Half and Half Flip Cup Acrylic Pour

I recently made this record pour with a split dirty pour – different colors in each side of the cup. It worked beautifully for a dirty pour, but what would happen if I tried to do a flip cup acrylic pour and used the same idea, to put totally different colors on each half of the cup. Would my painting have two distinct halves? Let’s try it and see.

Split flip cup acrylic pouring video with different colors on each side of the cup.

In this painting, I’ve decided to use a lot of silver. I’ve never been a big fan although I love metallics and I love gold etc, but the silver to me seems to dull the colors somewhat and look more of a dirty grey than a shiny silver – in pours that is. When I paint with it, I love it, but in pours not so much. So I am going to try to match these very bright and vivid colors with the silver between all of the layers and see what happens. Will it make the painting sparkle, or make the painting dull?

Materials used in this project:
Various colors of acrylic paint
Treadmill belt silicone
Gallery wrapped canvas
8oz squeeze bottles
Paint markers
Elmers Paint Markers

Those two sides of the painting were such a nuisance. The other two sides were perfect but I had to keep repainting in with the drips and it was OK when dried, but not as it should be. It’s so disappointing and confusing when that happens. I really do think it must be something on the canvas that causes that to happen – will teach me that I should always gesso my canvases before painting, as a precaution.  Once the painting was dry, it wasn’t so vibrant as when wet. The colors will still good and varnishing would have brought some of it back, but it was like that silver paint had dulled them somehow, especially on the one side. That gave me the idea that it was the perfect coral reef background for a painting I had in mind for my husband and you see a sneak peak of that at the end, where I’m working on painting a lionfish on the pour.

Here is a slideshow of images from this pour, with close-ups of some of the awesome details.

6 thoughts on “Split Color Half and Half Flip Cup Acrylic Pour”

  1. I was surprised that the split cup that ended up with the lionfish was so dark when it dried. Was it in different lighting?I thought the colors really went to a burgundy instead of that Brilliant red. I pray that you would recover perfectly from your surgery. I’ll pray for a good transition to wherever you move. You are very loved!

    1. I’m pretty sure that was down to all the silver. As much as I want to love it, it never seems to be as nice when mixed in with the other colors as I would hope. Usually things don’t dry that dark for me, so I think the silver almost greyed the colors somewhat. But at least it made the perfect backdrop for the painting on the top, so I wasn’t too disappointed.

  2. I noticed you used 8 oz. pouring containing for dirty pour. You said all were premixed with your formula. Can you keep these mixed for a certain amount of time, say 2 or 3 days?

    1. I keep the paints mixed in these bottles for weeks. I usually will top them up with more paint as needed. They keep really well. Just a quick shake and they are ready to use right away. Saves me time for having to mix my paints every time I want to paint.

  3. Natalie Frauenstein

    Hi Deby,

    Thank you so much for that – one question though – do you clean off the silicone before varnishing? It is just that I have seen others do that.

    Many thanks

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