Double Dirty Swirl Pour on a Vinyl Record

It’s time to do the dirty – in fact, let’s double down and make it a double dirty. And while we’re at it, let’s swirl too – but without actually swirling. OK so now I might have you confused. Check it out and all will become clear.

Pin MeSwirl tree ring pour with primary colors and metallics - video

So I like the look of the swirl pour, but I’m not so good at actually keeping my hand steady enough to make a good little swirl. What if we could let the paints to the work themselves, but layering them in a specific way that created the rings and swirls for us, without having to actually make the small movements. I’ll give it a try.

Materials used in this painting:
Various acrylic paints in yellow, blue, red, magenta, gold and silver
Treadmill belt silicone
12 inch vinyl LP record (or try a round canvas)
Avery round glossy label
Polycrylic protective finish

All paints were mixed approximately 2 parts paint, 1 part Floetrolplus water as necessary for a creamy consistency. Treadmill silicone added at about 10-12 drops per 8 ounce bottle.

Wow, this one is a stunner in real life. Lots of shimmery metallics and bright colors and a really interesting composition. It’s gone straight to the top of my hubby’s favorite pours. So give it a try, split your cup in half, or perhaps be even more adventurous and try third or even quarters and get lots of color in there!  Please do share your finished paintings in our Facebook chat group too.

As usual, here are my photos of this project, both wet and dry, and some closeups of the details. Enjoy and have a sunny, happy day.

10 thoughts on “Double Dirty Swirl Pour on a Vinyl Record”

  1. Wow, this turned out so good! Interesting way to pour the paint into the cup, will have to try it out. BTW, just watched your video about your set-up and you have a wonderful view from your window.

  2. Oh Deby I had the best fun and results from this!! The first one I did as you, the next 2 after long and careful placement of my paints I spaced out and did flip cups! Grr but even those turned out terrific, thankfully. I was hooked lol had to do a fourth and would have done more but was way past bedtime. Up early now and ready to get after it again :).

    Thanks for all you do and making this such a fun, enjoyable group of like minded people to be a part of.


  3. What is the Avery round glossy label used for? I thought at first it was to cover up the record label on the painted side so the record label writing didn’t show through but I noticed in your video this wasn’t covered up. Is the Avery label used to “finish off” the back side of the record with your name and the name of the art piece? Just curious. Thanks!

    1. Yes the label is used to cover up the hole in the middle of the record. If you look at the video at 3:20 you will see the white label stuck in the center, on top of the original record label. That stops the paint running through.

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