Part One: Amazon’s Paint Pouring Kit Product Review

You’ve had questions, and hopefully we’ll have the answers related to Amazon’s Paint Pouring Kit. This review will be provided in 2 parts: Part 1- individual products within the kit, and Part 2-  testing the paints, canvas and silicone with 3 separate pours.


The kit can be ordered at for $55.95, and if you have a Prime account you can get free shipping as well.  My package arrived within 24 hours, double boxed in heavy corrugated packaging ensuring the weighty product would arrive in perfect condition.  

Pic 1 package

Due to the cost of this product, I decided to take the time to break down the costs of the individual items within the $55 kit to see if it was worth the price. To purchase the products individually from Amazon, the prices were listed as follows:

Total to purchase products individually $51.31.  Keep in mind for example, you can’t purchase gloves in packs of six, usually its 50 or moreso that alone would put this over the $55 at $57.76 and potential tax and shipping on each individual item can easily put you over $60. Once you break it down, the kit is definitely at a competitive price. 

For the beginning pour artist, simply the fact that this is all inclusive would also make it a great buy.

Pic 2 gloves

There are six individual gloves included in the pack, these are your basic medium sized disposable gloves.

Latex alert! The glove package does not say if the gloves are latex, but the add on Amazon does.  So if you have latex allergies, just be aware that these are likely to be latex. They are enclosed in their own packing, so if you wanted the rest of the kityou should be able to safely discard the gloves.

Pic 3 Floetrol

Floetrol Flood the pouring medium, a favorite for so many is included in the kit. This is the easy to handle quart size. As with all Floetrol, be sure to strain it before mixing in with your paints.  

Pic 4 silicone

Pixiss Pouring Oil is 100% silicone, and a nice thick consistency. This should provide great cells similar to coconut oil, as it “seems” to be a little thicker than treadmill oil.  This comes in a 3 ounce bottle that should provide a great deal of beautiful creations.  I was really happy to see such a large bottle of silicone!

The kit also includes 20 Pixiss medium sized stir/mixing sticks.  

Pic 5 cups

I will say the metered cups are my favorite part of the kit. There are both U.S and metric measurements on every cup, depending on which you prefer. If you are like me, you’ll use both sides! The cups are a thicker flexible plastic, allowing a better hold without breaking or fear of collapsing the cup. The rim is heavy so it won’t give in, but you can give it some pressure for a more directed pour such as a thicker ring pour.  

Each cup will provide several mixings and/or pours, as long as you clean them immediately after, you should be able to reuse them time and time again. Obviously if you use them for resin or leave them overnight with paint on one, you’ll need to toss it after use. 

Pic 6 canvas

I do not normally use the 5×5 inch stretched canvas, but I will say these are a nice little surprise.  They are of medium quality and weight, nicely primed, and acid free. I found them just a little loose in the middle, but they tightened right up with a little spritz of water on the back side. The canvas corners were tight, and well folded.

I would suggest adding a drop of super glue or tack glue just to secure the corners down prior to painting.

Pic 7 Kit

The last component to the kit was 16, yes that’s (16) 2 fl/ounce bottles of the Darice Matte Acrylic Paints.   

Pic 8 paint 1

The paints included are the six primary colors: Black, White, Bright Yellow, Dark Yellow, Bright Red, and Bright Blue.

Pic 9 paint 2

There are six secondary colors: Grass Green, Turquoise, Purple, Brown, Orange, and Mint Green.  

Pic 10 paint 3

Also four lighter colors: Pale Blue, Ocean Breeze, Light Pink, and Grey.


My overall impression is that it is a well thought out kit, especially for the beginner. I can see this as a great gift for someone wanting to start pouring, as it contains all the basics one would need.

There is one thing I believe should be changed, that is the latex gloves. Those with latex allergies may not order this simply because they can’t take the chance of coming in contact with the gloves. If they are not latex, that needs to be updated on Amazon’s website.  

Lastly, and really important for beginning paint pouring artists, a simple guide for how to mix their paints would be a nice addition to the kit.  Nothing more than a couple of sentences on how much Floetrol should be mixed with the Darice Matte Acrylic Paint, and maybe a mention of how to use the silicone. As we all know, every paint is different and mixes at varied ratios, so giving a simple instruction note would make a big difference for beginners.  

If you are giving this as a gift, be kind and provide the mixing note since its not included.

Part 2 of this review will provide mixing ratios for the Darice paints, and let you know how the canvas, paints and silicone worked out.

Till then, take time to step into your messy, marvelous, mesmerizing pouring space and create something wonderful!

Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon’s Paint Pouring Kit

1. Is Amazon’s Paint Pouring Kit suitable for beginners?

 Yes, it’s designed to be user-friendly and is suitable for beginners.

2. Does the kit come with all necessary supplies for acrylic pouring?

 The kit usually includes essential supplies, but it’s advisable to check the product description for details.

3. Can I mix other acrylic paints with the paints from the kit?

 Yes, other acrylic paints can be mixed, but it’s important to maintain the right consistency.

4. Are the colors in Amazon’s Paint Pouring Kit vibrant?

 Generally, they are vibrant, but it may depend on the specific kit.

5. How long does it take for the paintings created using the kit to dry?

 The drying time would typically be between 24 to 72 hours, depending on the thickness of the paint.

6. How can I seal the paintings created using the kit?

 Using a good quality, clear, and UV-resistant sealant is recommended.

7.  Can the kit be used for various pouring techniques?

 Yes, the kit can be used to experiment with various acrylic pouring techniques.

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