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The Challenge and Benefits of Tiny Art

When you go into an art gallery or a large museum that specializes in modern and contemporary art, you’ll often see these enormous paintings and installations. I love creating work on a large scale, and while it’s more expensive to create, the added size can be the precise amount of focus and drama that draws the space together. Sometimes your concept calls for larger pieces, and doing something smaller just won’t suffice.

But, as I’m sure you all have realized, I’m really big on growing as an artist in any and every way possible. I’m always looking for opportunities to take my art and my business to the next level, to learn new techniques, try new materials, join new cooperatives and galleries.

Challenging yourself is absolutely key to growing as an artist. Maybe you’ve found a particular technique or color scheme or surface that you like and that you keep turning back to. It’s perfectly fine to have a favorite, some artists paint only one subject or scene for their entire career.

Personally, I get a bit bored if I don’t try something new every so often.

So while I’ve been scaling my artwork up in size for the past several months, I’ve also been challenging myself to create much smaller pieces every so often.

While larger paintings can be dramatic and eye-catching, they’re also a bit easy. It doesn’t take much effort to scale a painting up. Sure, it takes more time and more materials, but you have so much more space, so much more room to convey your desired information.

But smaller paintings? That’s a challenge. Especially with acrylic pouring where you have such a limited amount of control, it can take some serious planning to be able to create a visually dynamic piece in such a small amount of space.

Featured ImageTiny Art

Sometimes a vast collection of tiny paintings can have a more substantial effect on the viewer than one large one. It shows your skill as an artist, the breadth of your capability, the range of your skillset.

I encourage you to take on this challenge of tiny art and see what you can create! Canvases and boards that are 6×6 inches or smaller are incredibly affordable, and often you can buy them in value packs at your local art supplies store.

So try it out! And comment below so I can see your results!

Learn more about the challenge and benefits of making tiny art. Try something new and dare yourself to create much smaller paintings.

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