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So, you haven’t yet joined the fastest growing community of Acrylic Pouring Lovers on Facebook?

Well, we’ve brought some of the remarkable pours from our group to give you a taste of what you can see there. We have more than 97,000 members in our group and we’re still growing! Every day hundreds of posts are shared in our group and they’re all quite amazing. We’d love to see your artwork in our group.

In today’s post, we’re going to feature some of our favorite Pours from November. These are just a few of the great pours, so be sure to check the group for more!

While you are here, the following links will help you with improving your skills if you’re an acrylic pouring lover:


We’re pretty sure you’d get to learn some new tips through these links. Now, let’s take a look at the November Top Pours we’ve selected from our Facebook Group Acrylic Pouring.


by Steve Chase

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If you’ve gone through our October Top Pours post, you must have watched Steve’s artwork there. We’re convinced that Steve is a wonderful artist and he’s really good at creating unique pieces of art. Let’s see what Steve says about this pour:

This painting is named “Shattered” because it looked like shattered stained glass to me. It’s on a 12” x 16” canvas. Colors are white, azo nickel gold, permanent violet, phthalo blue, and black. It’s an elongated, vertical puddle pour with the blue poured out in a star shape. Air pressure was applied and spun out and tilted to create the design.
You may visit Steve’s Facebook Page to see more of his work.

Down to Earth

by Rachel McKenzie

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Rachel’s thoughts about this pour:

This 9×12” gallery wrapped painting was created using leftover paints from a larger commission piece I had done for a customer. It’s an Open-Cup Pour technique in three different cups, traveling over a white paint-flooded canvas used to create negative space for that “earthy layered” look that this piece gives us.

The colors I had used were self-mixed turquoise, self-mixed beige, black, white, blue-grey, metallic 24k gold, metallic antiqued bronze, and metallic sterling silver. Finished with epoxy resin for shine and protection. Abstract art is a major part of my everyday life and a key avenue for my mental health.

I love what I create, and love seeing what others create too. I am proud and thrilled to be apart of this and to have this opportunity, and have high hopes to keep inspiring others!

Don’t forget to check out Rachel’s Facebook page where she publishes her artwork.

Burst of Love

by Marcy Todd

3 1

It’s one of the best pieces of art we’ve seen so far. Without any doubt, we’re really inspired by Marcy’s skills. She must have spent plenty of time creating this piece of art. Marcy Says:

I Started with full coverage of a blue but kept center white. Added some random blues and purples all around the center. In the center, I added gold on the top half and light blue on the bottom half, both with a cell activator. Swiped out from the center carefully. After dry, I glued on the wood nativity scene that was painted and glittered. I really love it. ❤

Unfortunately, Marcy doesn’t have a Facebook Page at the moment. However, you can explore her artwork on our Facebook Group Acrylic Pouring.


by Shane Gnek

4 1

We’re glad that we have so many amazing artists in our Group. Shane’s artwork is quite unique and attractive as well. Shane has shared some tips for those who want to try their skills in this field.

Before beginning on a piece, I often think about what colors I should use and what composition and style I am aiming for. Though in the acrylic world it is difficult to pre-plan, I find myself have nothing to lose by trying to pre-plan before painting. There are three components that I considered prior to working on this piece.

First is the composition idea. I often start at the center of the canvas, however, since I was using a rectangular canvas, I decided to place the colors diagonally, allowing me to create the reaching-out effect or look I was aiming for. The second is the style. I am a fan of minimalism, so I have to remind myself to use the hairdryer wisely and sparingly and not to overblow.

So I used the hairdryer to blow the initial outline, then used mouth blowing to create my minimalist interpretation of the reaching effect. Lastly, enjoy every single process during the process of creating art!

You may find more of Shane’s pours on Instagram or you can subscribe to his Youtube Channel and see how he creates these beautiful pieces.

The Geode

by Penny Parker Warren

5 1

What an incredible piece of art it is. I bet anyone can easily fall in love with this marvelous pour. Looks like the artist has put in all his efforts to create an outstanding pour like this. Penny Says:

This is an 8″ x 10″ canvas. I did a geode pour which turned out quite nice. I used glitter on the silver and used glass pieces in the center to give it that geode look. I used a piece of driftwood to hang it with a string of beads on each side. I used suede leather lacing to hang it on the driftwood.

These pours are just an overview of what you’d get to see in our Facebook group while there are tons of other outstanding pours you’d love seeing there. And if you’re already a member of the group, you must keep sharing your artwork in the group because you may also get a chance to get featured in our upcoming pour.

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