Createful Art Channel With Ashley Kreiger

Are you interested in art and painting? In this week’s episode, you are going to meet Ashley Kreiger, a person who always loved painting, and decided to start sharing her passion with other people teaching through her YouTube channel.

Besides, Ashley was also able to get together two of her biggest passions in life: painting and traveling. Come and meet Ashley and her amazing work with Createful art & Createful Kids.

Meeting Ashley Krieger

art and painting Ahsley

First of all, Ashley was always affectionate with art and painting and she started painting when she was very little. Art is such an important part of her life that even her kids share the same passion with her. Also, her older children help her kids with a channel on YouTube.

Her art career started while they were trying to get through college Ashley realized that she had a great amount of knowledge about art and that she could use it to teach other people and receive some money in the same way. That is when things really began.

Ashley started with presential classes until 2015 when she went online with her classes. Today she has a successful YouTube channel and she has already taught around 2 million people art and painting online.

Differences Between Teaching in The Studio And Teaching Online

arte and painting differences

According to Ashley, although the information is the same, for her is a totally different experience. She says when she is with a person, it’s just natural talking and the person can answer questions that are very specific to them. On the other hand, when she is making a video she has to think about the person and think about the questions they might have.

In some ways this is a little more difficult but Ashley has successfully passed through these adjustments and now she is used to teaching online.

Joining Art And Painting with Traveling

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Many people may think that Ashley and her husband were crazy when they decided to leave everything behind and start traveling around the world. But the fact is that for them this was a matter of freedom. At that time, they used to live in Alaska and while they loved most of it they really wanted to travel. They wanted to enjoy life as they would like to.

Seeing videos on YouTube from people traveling they started questioning themselves “Why can’t we?” and after a lot of discussions, they decided to sell their house and travel around the world. That is one of the reasons why Ashley started online classes.

After selling the house they bought an RV and since then they have spent their lives visiting new places and so Ashley can continue doing what she really likes which is teach people the art of painting. They have already visited almost all the 50 states in the US.

Difficulties That You May Face When You Live Traveling

Sooner or later you discover that to have a life similar to Ashley’s you need to be flexible as she says “we have found that we kind of just have to be very flexible. And I think that’s with everything too, like with YouTube and teaching kids homeschool while you’re traveling”.

Teaching Art And Painting To Different Age Groups

art and painting to kids
image 6

According to Ashley, teaching kids is totally different as, in the early stages, it’s all about just showing them what supplies do and how to take care of them, and just letting them be creative. And then they get to a stage where they’re like, “Ooh, I really want to know how to copy this,” and the drawing stage where they just want to draw, draw, draw, draw too. It’s important to respect each stage they pass through.

Ashley tries to find art projects and stuff that all the ages can do. And then they can take it to their level. Everyone can do beautiful art projects if they are encouraged to do so.

Supplies For Art And Painting

Ashley’s favorite brand for paint is Liquitex because it is versatile, you can use it with different mediums, and they just are always adding new things.

You don’t need expensive supplies to be a better artist. For instance, Ashley uses the same brushes for many years and she believes that it is possible for everyone to do great things with inexpensive material.

Tips for People Who Are Creating Acrylic Pouring And Want To Add an Embellishment

The good thing about acrylic pouring is that when it is drying you can change your work very easily, but you should try to imagine how the piece will be like. It takes practice, it really does, but the more you practice, the better it gets.

Another good tip that Ashley gives is to always try to do something temporary first that you can take off later. You can do with watercolor first and once you’re satisfied with your work, then you use acrylic. And sometimes it is good to take some risks because the important thing is to let your creativity free.

Where Can You Find More About Ashley and her Art and Painting Work?

You can find more about her and her work on, all that information you need is on there and visitors can also sign up for her 5 free art lessons as soon as they visit her site. You can also subscribe to her YouTube channel, and leave her a comment. She tries to answer the comments people leave every day.

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