9 Fluid Art Furniture Masterpieces With Tips

Want to see some of the best Fluid Art Furniture Masterpieces? We’ve collected some of the incredible pieces for you from our Facebook Group.

Believe it or not, pouring on furniture is one of the toughest jobs. After taking a look at these fluid art furniture masterpieces, you’d agree that it’s not a child’s play. We’re pretty sure you’d also think of showing your creativity on your old furniture pieces after taking a look at these masterpieces.

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Now, let’s take a look at the best Fluid Art Furniture Masterpieces we’ve brought for you.

New Planet

By Kirsty Skirving

New Planet

Some Tips By Kirsty:

This piece, in particular, is one of my favorite pieces of all time. It was apart of my circle collection on MDF rounds which I hand cut, sanded, primed, painted then sealed with a food-grade resin. I absolutely love furniture pouring and tables are my favorite.

A few tips I can offer would be to always tape your canvas, ensure you have primed the canvas properly, wait the proper amount of time before sealing and take the time to ensure you have a level surface with the right paint consistency.

Fluid Painting is extremely addictive and once you start and find the right consistency for you, you won’t be able to stop because you see results straight away and you have created a piece that can never be done again.

As a Fluid Artist, I believe it is very important that you take the steps to ensure that your work is flawless. I sell most of my creations through my Facebook and Instagram pages “A Blonde Artist“. I truly believe using your current audience will help you build further, you do not need a huge audience to sell only quality, unique work.

Kirsty has published lots of amazing pieces on Instagram.

Stunning Tabletop and Shelves

by Anne Barrett Heaney


This adorable table already looks amazing but Anne has made it look fantastic with her remarkable skills. She removed the tabletop and the shelves and shelves one by one and created this outstanding masterpiece. Hopefully, we’d get to see more of her work in the future.

Furniture Top

by Lisa Gori Powers


Lisa has shared some amazing tips for those who want to show their creativity:

Tips for furniture pouring

1) a good thick plastic tarp is essential!

2) always have extra paint and supplies on hand

3) my favorite mixture Acrylic paint Floetrol Water 3-1 silicon Mix in small cups Pour colors into large solo cups (8 solo cups were used for furniture top)

4) have a helper! The helper will have cardboard and follow you around catching the paint as it drips off piece.

5) let piece dry 72 hours

6) pour table top resin/ epoxy on top to seal.

You may explore her artwork on Facebook or get in touch with her on Instagram.

Touching the Waves

By Vickey Holley


Vickey has used a great combination of light and bright colors. He says that the bottom was initially poured black but he didn’t like it much so he decided to change it to white. We believe he made a wise decision because it looks stunning. Also, he’s done an amazing job with the knobs that add more beauty to this masterpiece.


by Jackie Kribs


Jackie’s thoughts about this masterpiece:

I do multiple pieces of furniture weekly. Most all are dirty pours and I prefer metallic paints. I normally just clean the furniture and pour it. If the wood is rough, I will spray primer first. It is best if the table, stool or desk will come apart to make work easier.

After a few days of drying, I always deal with East Coast Resin. It is definitely my addiction and now my living!

Take a visit to Jackie’s Facebook Page and find some other masterpieces.

Phenomenal Tabletop

by Norelle Clark


Norelle Says it was his first time pouring a piece of furniture. And we think he’s done an outstanding job even in the first attempt. What do you guys think of it? Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

The Zebra Effect

by Erika Stephanie Chaves


Here is what Erika Says about this pour:

The person I did it for wanted it zebra-like. For the pour, I used black as a base, white pearl, and metallic onyx. For the sides and legs, I used high gloss black spray paint.

A New Galaxy

by Jennifer Holt


This artwork looks like an amazing galaxy that has thousands of tiny stars in it. Jennifer has chosen the colors quite wisely. We think it’s an amazing piece of art and we hope you’d also love it.

Beyond Imagination

by Madison Pell


These are the 9 best Fluid art Furniture pours we’ve grabbed from Acrylic Pouring (Facebook Group). We hope you’d get inspiration from these pours. If you want to get featured in our future blog post, just keep posting your masterpieces in the group and we’ll reach out to you. Till then, Keep Pouring…

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  1. So I poured on a small table top last night and loved it but when I woke up the cells were all stretched out and it lost so much character. How do I keep that from happening again? The paint kept falling off the round edge and pulling paint with it ( of course). How can I keep the pour from changing so much?

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