7 Ocean Inspired Pours for Beach Lovers

Do you remember those amazing days of sitting on the beach with your loved one enjoying the scenic view of the ocean?

Wow! what an incredible time it was. Everybody’s desperately waiting to enjoy those moments again. Unfortunately, this global pandemic has locked everyone into their homes. But don’t worry you won’t have to wait for months to enjoy those moments again because we’ve brought the best ocean inspired pours from our Facebook group Acrylic Pouring.

We’re sure that these pours will not only bring back those remarkable memories but they’ll also inspire your own ocean paintings. Check out some of our other ocean related tutorials:

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Now, let’s take a look at the ocean inspired pours created by the outstanding artists who have gone above and beyond to limits to inspire others.

Seas of Summer

by Scuff Scotch


I was very inspired to do an ocean-related picture and had to figure out a good way to make what I wanted work. I mixed floetrol and acrylic paint as I usually would for all the blues and blacks I used in the picture, however when I mixed the white, I made sure to make it especially thin and watered down.

I did a flip cup with the thicker colors mentioned, then poured white around that and used a scraper tool to push all the thin white on top of the rest of the paint. After that, I just used a torch and it worked perfectly to get that ocean effect!

Click Here and find Scuff on Instagram if you want to see more interesting pours from her.

Don’t have Instagram? Well, you can find her on Twitter as well.


by Julie Cutts


Here is What Julie Says about this pour:

“Seaglass” an acrylic flip cup pour using glue and water as my pouring medium and treadmill silicone for cells. I mixed my paints a little thinner for this pour, layered the paint in cups, and flipped them onto my canvas. I tilted the canvas to get the surface covered, then torched lightly to bring the cells up.

You can Follow Julie on Youtube

Love Bridges Worlds

By Linda King


Linda Says:

This is a 6 flip cup pour with blue and white alternating layers in each cup(bottom layer blue, white, blue, top white). Each cup used a different hue of blue from light to darker.


After flipping each cup I would pull the cup toward me to help drag the paint into the elongated layers on the canvas, then tilted to give the layers a sense of undulating movement. There is a drop of silicone in each of the blue colors but not the white!

Deep Sea Coral

By Bobbi Willmer


Bobbi’s Comment:

It was part of this series called “Treasure Falls”. Many comments compared to the artist Gustav Klimt. The technique used was a swipe with a damp paper towel. I used floetrol and a bit of Liquitex gloss medium and varnish.

Find Bobbi on Facebook


By Eric Thé


Eric’s Comment:

“I actually just started painting 5 weeks ago. It’s called a jellyfish. The jellyfish is painted over 2 acrylic swipes. This piece has been sold.”

Eric’s publishing his work on Instagram as well.

Underwater Life

By Sheila Eichele


A few Words by Sheila:

“Ring pour with hand-painted freehand jellyfish.

I used 3 colors all mixed with glue and water. White, cobalt blue, and aqua blue.

I layer my cup with several layers. That gives it the fine lines.”

Find Sheila on Facebook.

Sunset Beach

by Ryan Van Winkle

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This ocean inspired pour is an incredible dream that will definitely come true. In fact, you can use it as an inspiration to plan your next trip after everything gets back to normal.

We hope we’ve added some value to your life with these ocean inspired pours. If you’re an art lover and want to explore the artwork of some amazing artists, why don’t you come join our Facebook Group? We bet you’d see lots of amazing pours there.

It’s time to say goodbye because we need to find more interesting Acrylic Pours for you. Have a Great Day!

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    1. SueAnna Lynn Garlock

      I noticed this as well and was hoping itnaas just a mistake whwn uploading.

  1. I have just become aware of paint pouring now–I tried it years ago. There was no information and mostly it was just a big mess. I am absolutely mesmerized by this art form today. I love the ocean and all of the pours are soooo beautiful!!
    Kim Wheeler

  2. Hey there,
    I tried ocean pours myself.
    Everything seems to be working. Except my white turns purple when it dries. Does anyone know why this is?

    I use Byron brand acrylic paints and Floetrol.
    I mix my own blues using a warm/cool blue and adding some yellow here and there.

    But I really don’t understand why my white becomes a bright purple when dry! If it would dry a light blue I would just think that the color is too transparent. But in this case I don’t know. I have been mixing 1/2 paint 1/2 floetrol and a dash of water. I also tried adding more paint in it. But still hasn’t worked.

    Any hint would be much appreciated.
    Thank you

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