8 Black and White Acrylic Pours You can Get Lost in

We’ve picked up some of the best black and white pours from our Facebook group (Acrylic Pouring). We are confident that these acrylic pours will leave you mesmerized because they’re prepared with true love and passion.

We have some of the best artists in our community who always share amazing artwork in the group and urge you to share your artwork as well so you may also get featured in our future posts.

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Stepping Stones

by Julie Cutts


This is what Julie says about this pour:

This piece was created by using the flip cup method. I layered my paints in cups, flipped them over, tilted the canvas to spread the paint then torched to create the cells. The trick with using a black and white palette is to keep the paint on the thicker side so that the colors don’t blend too much and make grey.

Click here to view the video on this piece and subscribe to Julie’s Youtube channel.

Black and White Symphony

by Алексей Поляков

2 1

Алексей’s thoughts:

I created this painting with the Flip cup technique, using a ball. I love monochrome, for me, this is probably my favorite color combination. You must use floetrol when working with Black and White. It prevents colors from mixing up with each other and it doesn’t leave any bad signs on the canvas.

I mainly use the ratio of floetrol + Glue 30*70. This ratio produces a very interesting effect of the third color, in this case, chocolate. You can follow my work on the links below. Thank you to the Acrylic Pouring team. It’s an honor to be with you.

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Find the Ghost

by Sinisa Hehet


Detailed information about how Sinisa Completed it:

I’ll share with you my 4 principles I use for paintings:  Most often I use canvas 30 x 30 cm and for this, I use 2 Flip Cups with paint.

Black and white color can be poured from 2 cups in layers, or, my preferred method, I pour white color in one part of the cup (and partially over the black), and black color in other parts of the cup (and partially over the white).

When I use several colors, I try to pour each color into its own part of the cup, and only partially over other colors. In such a manner, the colors remain separated in Flip Cup, and only when the cup is turned, the real mixing happens.

I also use 2 methods to activate silicon: One is by lifting the Flip Cup and warming the silicon with a heat gun, which creates the cells, but they grow larger with the expansion of the color on the canvas.

I prefer the method of spreading the color on the canvas and then using the heat gun to activate cells and stretch them to the desired dimensions.

So, these are my materials and techniques and I’m satisfied with the results. I love Pouring Art and each painting is a surprise for me.

Sinisa publishes her work on her Facebook profile.

Visions Of Chocolate And Cream

by Sue Goldberg

4 1

Using only black & white isn’t something new to me. Even before I started acrylic pouring I was doing black & white charcoal & india ink drawings. So it was a natural progression. I find that black & white acrylic pouring paintings are almost like a Rorschach Test…everyone’s perception is so different, that’s why I love it.

Click here and find Sue on Instagram.

Thorns in the Wood

by Catherine Marion

5 1

Black & White colors with à little silver to light the paint, a skewer to do peaks!

Angel’s Wing

by Anna Wilczek

6 1

Anna used a 15 x 15 cm canvas to draw this incredible piece of art. She has chosen the perfect name for this artwork. Hopefully, you’d love her work.


by Belvia Tan

7 1

Belvia says it’s her first attempt at a black and white pour and it looks amazing. It’s making a blue shade due to the flashlight but it’s a pure black and white pour.

Black & White Feather

by Jurgita Birse

8 1

We must say these are some of the best black and white paintings we’ve seen! What do you think?

Well, these are the 8 best black and white pours we picked up for you. We’re pretty sure you’d get some inspiration from them. And if you need to get in touch with the artists, you can get in touch with them.

Also, if you want to be featured in our future blog post, we’d be more than happy to display your work. Just keep sharing your artwork in the Facebook group and we’ll get in touch with you if it inspired other members of the group. Make sure that you share this post with your friends so they may also get some inspiration.

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