Easy Swipe Technique In Classic Black & White

2 thoughts on “Easy Swipe Technique In Classic Black & White”

  1. hi Caren, love your work..I am new to the pouring art and as a “want to” beginner I have looked at so many different ways to do pours, it’s overwhelming!!! I came across your site and have made you my “go to” lady for all questions.. I would like to do some pours but I want them to be done correctly so in the event somebody wanted to purchase one I would feel good to know that in two, three years that the painting will not start to flake in the home!!! So, that being said, is there a site where it’s possible to ask you questions? I don’t have Instagram, twitter or facebook, just good ‘ol email…I love the fact that with pouring you don’t know what you’ll get with the flow of paint..luv it!!! I live in Tucson, Az, just retired in January of this year and have been looking for something for “my time” when I want to relax…Thank you Caren for your time and hope to hear from you..

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