How to Use a Zigzag Tool for Swiping Your Acrylic Pour Paintings

I’ve had this weird tool in my craft box for ages!  I did buy it originally intending to try it out for swiping, then I just put it to one side and forgot about it until my recent clear up. Now I’m ready to give this tool a try for swiping. Will it create a pattern of lines in my painting or will it create a regular-looking swipe? Let’s try it and find out.

New tool works fantastically for acrylic pouring and swiping. This silicone wedge swipe tool creates cells or lines in your <a href=acrylic pour paintings. Video review and tutorial for how to create cells by swiping” width=”600″ height=”1626″ />

I want the swipe tool to be the star of the show in this painting so I’m picking a very plain color palette of just blues and white. I’ll be interested to see whether the tool leaves lines in the paint as I drag the white through the other colors, or whether it simply works as a regular swipe and creates cells. There are a number of these tools you can get (click here to see them all) and I wonder if different tools would give different effects. I’m using number 2, the blue one with the saw tooth profile. Its silicone so its flexible and easy to wipe or wash clean.

Materials used in this painting:
Assorted acrylic paints in shades of blue and white
Treadmill silicone
Gallery wrapped canvas
8oz squeeze bottles
Silicone wedge tool – each color has a different shape. I used the number 2, with the saw tooth teeth

princeton catalyst wedge

Click for Price

All the paints were premixed in my squeeze bottles at an approximate ratio of 2 parts paint to 1 part Floetrol, plus water as necessary for consistency. 10-12 drops of silicone oil per 8 oz bottle.

Well that was pretty darned cool! What a fun tool to swipe with. I think this could be great for beginners. If you aren’t sure about how much pressure to use, then you can use this silicone tool to run through the paints. The ‘teeth’ run along the canvas and move just the right amount of paint without you being able to scrape it all off by mistake. Run it through once for a regular swipe or twice to get those more distinct lines. I’ll certainly want to try this one again. I wonder what else I could do with it? What shapes I could make? Maybe swipe in a complete circle? Or swipe in waves? Hmm, I’m sure you’ve got lots of ideas too.

As usual, enjoy a slideshow of photos from this pour, and some close-ups of the details from the swipe.

3 thoughts on “How to Use a Zigzag Tool for Swiping Your Acrylic Pour Paintings”

  1. Christine Matthews

    Lovely idea I wonder if you had made a wavy line if it would have looked like the sea. I have a similar tool somewhere, I must look it out and have a go.

  2. Really clearly explains how to do a pour paint and lovely to see how full of enthusiasm she is
    Definitely will follow

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