Acrylic Pouring Dip Technique: Beautiful Beach and Ocean Scene

Did you see the pretty ‘garden dip painting‘ that I did recently? I had liked it so much that I soon wanted to do another and this time it’s a beach scene I have in mind. I just love blues, so anytime I get the chance, I’m grabbing some of those blue paints and trying to recreate the view here on the island.

Easy painting for beginners. How to <a href=pour and dip this acrylic beach and ocean scene using a ziploc bag! Really easy, video tutorial for beginner painters.” width=”600″ height=”1336″ />

In the last dip painting, I had added a bit too much paint in places so this time I was more aware of that and made sure to leave a few gaps in my paint before I ‘smushed’ it about under the plastic. This seemed to work well and I got good coverage of the surface but without having so much paint that it moved about too much and got a bit overworked. It’s handy to use clear plastic so you can see the paints underneath and move the paint around a little to both fill the gaps and create the lacing and effects. I used a couple of the 1-gallon Ziploc bags and just taped them together to get a large enough piece of plastic. You could also do this with a wax paper or similar, although you may not see the paints so well if it’s not clear.

Materials used in this project:
DecoArt Americana Paint in Primary Yellow, Titanium White, True Blue, Laguna, True Ochre, Warm Beige, and Blue Bird
Avery label (to cover the hole in the record)
Spray primer
Old vinyl LP record
Treadmill silicone
8oz squeeze bottles
Small paint mixing pots with lids
Polycrylic protective finish
Ziploc bags

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Yay, I loved it! What a pretty result. I think for once my color choices were pretty good both for the sea and the sand, although I could perhaps have put a wider band of white between the sea and the sand to create a foamy white area. Next time I’ll know. I’m still torn about this one. It would make a lovely beachy clock but I don’t have any clock kits on hand right now. I think I’ll list it in the Etsy shop as it is and see if anyone is interested, but I’ll be sorry to see it go. This would look great in my house!

As usual, here are some photos of this pour, both wet and dry, and some close-ups of the details.

8 thoughts on “Acrylic Pouring Dip Technique: Beautiful Beach and Ocean Scene”

  1. I would love to see the same results. But instead going the opposite direction. Just to be able to see the difference. Waves going in or out!

  2. Love seeing these paintings techniques and how they have the cells. I’ve tried several and never end with cells. Pretty paintings – the colors and flow but no cells

  3. Your work is excellent,rather mind blogging too try out different .methods as too play with..I also like bright colours,,that I would like too apply …
    Thank u for sharing.

  4. I love this technique. I’ve never attempted this. Can you tell me the approximate drying time for this type of project? Assuming a room is average/low humidity.

    1. I will usually not touch it for 2 days. Non-porous surfaces will take longer to dry and the larger the size, the longer it takes too. I’d say don’t put your finger in the middle for 3 days, just to be sure. You can usually tell because the paint goes matte once it is dry.

  5. Your painting turned out just lovely. Could you tell me if you applied Gesso first and let it dry or did you paint it with white paint and let it dry first?
    I only have mostly Artist’s Loft paints and will try with that paint. Also could you tell me the name of s the Coconut mixture you use instead of silicone.
    I do have the Treadmill silicone. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for sharing! I want to try this, but i may add some extra fine gold glitter to the sand where it is close to the ocean. I have a beach theme to my class, so this will be a good addition to my class! Maybe I’ll add numbers and clock hardware. (I teach 3rd, so they REALLY need the numbers. I don’t think I’ll take the time to add the lines in between; that would take a long time to do it well. Maybe I’ll eventually do it.

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