How to Make a Spin Box

How to make a what?

Why do I need a spin box??

What does it do?

Does everyone else have one?

How much is this gonna cost me?

Does this have anything to do with acrylic pouring?

Is this the lady who makes really, I mean reeeaaaaaaaaaaaally, loooong videos?

What is she going to teach us now?

I shall explain.

This all started on a typical sunny weekday morning after volunteering all night at the children’s hospital, rocking babies in the NICU. I had a few hours to myself before I was due to volunteer at the Humane Society’s rescue shelter, where I clean the new pitbulls that come in overnight. Realizing that the trash hadn’t been taken to the curb yet, I threw on some clothes and made my way to the curb.

trash picking

I saw that my neighbors had put out a huge, sturdy-looking box for trash pickup. My first thought was, “Oh, what a big box.” My second thought was, “That would make a great box to pour in when using a large canvas.”

My third thought was, “Let’s do this!” So I slyly looked up at Dan and Myrna’s garage to see if they were standing outside—coast was clear. I glanced across the street to see if the new neighbors (who can’t bother to say hello) were looking, and nope, no sight of them. The rest of the street was quiet, so I, very ladylike, tiptoed to their driveway and…

trash 2 edited

…scored me a SPIN BOX!

I brought the box to my front door and inspected it for damage, wet spots, bugs, or opened cans of Chef Boyardee SpaghettiOs, and found it to be in pristine condition. I was delighted when I discovered that it actually was one box inserted into another.

So I could get really creative and make something spectacular. I brought it into the house and there it sat for several days, before I decided that I would not only make a spin box, I would also show you—my new best friends—how to make one for yourselves.

Wayne, my husband, didn’t say a word on the first day when he came home to find even more of the entry blocked. On day two, he just rolled his eyes as he lifted his briefcase over all my stuff, and now my big new box, so he could go to work.

On day three he asked me if I could move the $*&^ing boxes so he could get out the front door. The fourth day he needed clarification, “So what’s with the ginormous boxes? Are you mailing a painting?

Oh what a sweet (silly) man—so optimistic, ever hopeful that I’ll sell something and get rid of about 250 to 400 paintings so he can move around his own house. Don’t you just love him?

Yesterday I cleared out the living room floor and made a huge space ready for my project to begin.

Cue the video.

No seriously start the video here, I’m done blabbing.


Supplies I used

Craft Sticks
Glad Press N Seal
Two sided tape
Cake Spinner
Duct Tape
Canvases—this or this

Did you learn what a spin box is, and did it encourage you to make one of your own? I would love to hear from you and get your take on this.

Thank you all for taking the time to read another day in the life of one crazy acrylic pouring broad. I’m so happy to receive your comments and to be tagged in your Facebook posts so I can see your progress when you’re trying something we’ve done together, or even if not.

Oh—here’s the pour we spun.


I so enjoy hearing from you and thank you to those who have reached out to me.

Happy Trash Day!

6 thoughts on “How to Make a Spin Box”

  1. Your tutorial was humorous and light. I enjoyed it immensely. Wish I had seen it before I got hooked on this. The only thing I would add to this Is making sure the box and/or spin thingy is level. I don’t like it when the paint slips off the side of the canvas when you think its done only to find it’s slithering away and your best part has ended up in the box. SO SAD! 🙁

  2. I have done some paintings like this using straws to blow on it, now I have to hit the road looking for a tv box on the side of the road. Lol. I notice you said something about ky jel, did you mix this with your paint, and how much? Enjoyed your video. Tammy

    1. Patricia Fuller

      Thanks Tammy, yes, I use KY True Feel. It comes in a blue box in the female section of Walmart. After I mix my paint with Floetrol (50/50) I then add one to two drops of KY in the paint mixture. Makes gorgeous cells.

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