Just Spinnin’ the Blues

I’m going round in circles again today, with a simple record pour in a nice selection of blues. Except it’s not so simple. It’s the first time using my spinner. I’m rather nervous. I’ve bought one of those cake decorating turntables. It doesn’t turn very quickly and can be a bit noisy so sorry for that in the video, but wow, it’s a lot of fun!

Video shows how to create a spiral acrylic pour painting. Technique can be used on round, square or any shaped canvas. This one was on an old LP record

I suggest that if you want to give this a try, get a proper banding wheel. It will spin faster and much more smoothly and make it much easier to get a proper spiral design. Mine is a bit of a handful and really too light and slow for what I’m asking it to do, but I just couldn’t wait to try this!

I’ve made a guard with cardboard so that I don’t get everything in the room, and myself, covered in any paint that spins off, but I’m trying this for the first time on camera so anything can happen.

Phew, it came out much better than I expected. I really loved the effect and the spiral design in the pour. Very nice indeed. There are a lot of really nice details and the design goes from more vibrant and defined in the center, to more subtle around the edges.

Ok, so I’m hooked. I’ve got to do many more of these! It’s a great way to get a spiral composition in your work, and for once the design looks best centered, instead of the rule of thirds that we most often use in our work.

Check out the slideshow below for lots of pictures, both wet and dry, and close ups of the details.

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    1. I used an old LP record that I had just added a quick layer of gesso. It does look good 🙂

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